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    “She Only Did That To Be Cool In Hollywood”: Donald Trump Gives Blunt Response To Losing Kim Kardashian’s Support

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been spitting fire as the elections hover around the corner, speaking up against President Biden and those whose support he has lost in the past. After speaking about Taylor Swift in a recent statement, Trump has now moved forward to criticise Kim Kardashian for not supporting him anymore.

    As an author who’s documenting a book on Trump revealed, Trump felt deeply hurt by Kim’s support for Biden despite being on good terms with him. Here’s what Donald Trump had to say about Kim Kardashian and why he suspects she changed sides.

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    Donald Trump Talks About Losing Kim Kardashian’s Support

    Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump
    Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump

    Since Kim Kardashian collaborated with Donald Trump to pass the First Step Act, a bill intended to restructure the federal prison system and sentencing guidelines, the former president shared a good bond with the American socialite and felt betrayed when she left his side. He felt “absolutely” felt betrayed, according to Ramin Setoodeh, the author of ‘Apprentice in Wonderland’, a book that centers on Trump’s time as a reality TV star.

    “I think he feels wounded that he invited Kim Kardashian to the White House, and then she went on social media after Joe Biden was declared the winner in 2020 and posted three heart emojis on her social media to support the Biden-Harris administration,” Setoodeh told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

    Prior to that, Burnett had played a recording where Trump talked about how he felt about Kim’s betrayal. “I was disappointed in Kim … With Kim, I did a lot of prison reform that she couldn’t get done with anybody else.”

    He continued, “I let people out of prison that I thought were deserving to be let out. And then after it was all over, she announced that she’s not supporting me … And she only did that to be cool in Hollywood.”

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    Donald Trump And The Presidential Elections

    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    In the first presidential debate, US President Joe Biden and Republican opponent Donald Trump squared up, giving voters an opportunity to witness the two most senior contenders for the US presidency side by side. Standing at podiums only feet apart in a studio without a live audience, the two opponents debated over the nation’s immigration dilemma, foreign policy and international conflicts, economic concerns, and the status of American democracy. The discussion was televised by all US networks and hosted by CNN. It took place four months before the US presidential elections.

    The debate had a lot of false claims from Trump’s side while Biden failed to defend Trump’s jabs and was the weaker candidate. The debate has gained social media frenzy as Americans debate over which one of them has a better hand at handling America’s greatness.

    The Presidential Elections will take place in November this year.

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