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    Why Is BBC Radio Under Fire Over The ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Interview?

    Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software have created a Hogwarts-inspired simulation game ‘Hogwarts Legacy’. PS5, Xbox, Series X, and PC users are now able to pre-order the game; however, the game will be available on devices at different times. The open RPG world lets users create a custom character and interact and enrol with the Hogwarts school and make friends in this wizardry school. The ‘Harry Potter’ franchise still holds nostalgia for many people.

    Be it the literature or cinematic adaptation, J. K. Rowling’s world still resonates with the Potterheads. But, its literary mastermind has tainted its legacy. In 2020, J. K. Rowling made certain remarks about the Transgender community that did not sit well with many people including the community. The ‘Harry Potter’ star Emma Watson also criticized Rowling’s stance. Recently, a trans gamer came on BBC Radio and made allegations against the writer. But, the British Radio channel is now receiving flak for not intervening.

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    Stacey Henley Accused J. K. Rowling Of Transphobia During The ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Interview

    J.K. Rowling
    J.K. Rowling

    British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) is in trouble due to a recent interview with a trans journalist Stacey Henley. On February 2nd, 2023, BBC Radio 4 host Evan Davis interviewed two journalists for the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ game. One of the interviewees was Stacey Hanley from the ‘Gamer’ website. The trans gamer said that she will be refraining from reviewing the game due to Rowling’s past comments on transgender women.

    Henley said, “We are not covering the game at all is because Harry Potter and the world it exhibits is just entirely connected to JK Rowling but she has a platform that she uses to push transphobia, uses it to build up what I would call a campaign against trans people, especially in Britain”.

    She continued, “So for me, it’s not a case of you shouldn’t enjoy the game, but supporting the game continues to give JK Rowling a platform which she can use to hurt people”.

    The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Gamer’ asked the listeners to boycott the game. “I think moving forward you’re not being asked to give up all those childhood memories. What you’re being asked to do is think of the impact of continuing to support future endeavours”.

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    Evan Davis Has Issued An Apology Over The Interview

    Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4
    Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4

    When Stacey made her remarks, Evan Davis said, “Obviously, J. K. Rowling…wouldn’t say she is transphobic”. There were Twitter users and groups blazed because Davis did not counter Stacey on her remarks about Rowling ‘campaigning against trans people’.

    The ‘For Women Scotland’ group said, “Lovely. Another highly skewed piece on @jk_rowling on @BBCPM with “Stacy” who is making unfounded accusations. @EvanHD making the most perfunctory efforts to intervene.”

    The host of the show Evan Davis issued an apology saying, “To be honest, I think this is a fair criticism. I think perhaps we got stuck because we were actually trying hard NOT to debate @jk_rowling or the substance of her views. We hadn’t intended or cast it that way”.

    He continued, “This was meant to be (and was) about the debate raging over the game among some fans, given many feel as they do. But while I did assert it, I should have made it clearer that @FiveTacey’s view of JK is her own premise for boycotting the game and is heavily contested”.

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    Nishant Bhise
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