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    Kelly Osborne Attacks Prince Harry On A Podcast, Calls Him A T**t

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now ousted from the royal family. The couple has been sharing their narrative about being harassed by the royal family. Harry and Meghan had a public fallout with the royal family in 2020 when they stepped down from their royal duties. Since then, they have released content maligning the image of the royal family.

    In 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down with Oprah Winfrey, where they leveled several accusations against the royal family, including racism. In their Netflix docuseries ‘Harry & Meghan’, Harry accused his brother Prince William of physically attacking him. While many celebrities have supported the ex-royals, Sharon Osborne’s kids, especially Kelly Osborne, have been vocal about Harry and Meghan’s constant victimization. During a podcast, Kelly slammed Prince Harry for not using their voice to bring about positive change.

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    Kelly Osborne Was Disappointed That Prince Harry Did Not Use His Fame To Bring Positive Change

    Kelly Osborne called Prince Harry a 'whiner' and 't**t'
    Kelly Osborne called Prince Harry a ‘whiner’ and ‘t**t’

    The Osbornes recently sat down for a conversation on their podcast titled ‘The Osbornes’. Kelly Osborne, Jack Osborne, and their mother Sharon Osborne. During the podcast, the family talked about the ex-royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and Kelly went ballistic on how the couple’s constant victimization made them the most hated royals.

    Kelly Osborne said, “I said he was a t**t. I just think he’s such a whinger and the thing is, maybe it’s because I feel a certain level of disappointment in the sense where I feel like they had an opportunity to become the most liked, loved people in the entire world that could actually bring some positive change.”

    Kelly continued, “But then went down this, like, victim road instead. I get wanting to leave [the Royal Family]. I get that, but then just leave. Don’t leave and then just give “woe is me” stories about how difficult it was.”

    She added, “Because again, I said this on the podcast I was on, life is hard for everybody. I was just on a podcast and they asked me what I thought of Harry and I just said I think he’s a ‘t**t’. And that’s it.”

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    Sharon Osborne Defends The Royals

    Sharon Osborne calls for modernization of the royals
    Sharon Osborne calls for modernization of the royals

    During ‘The Osbornes’ podcast, Sharon Osborne disagreed with her daughter, Kelly Osborne. Sharon still thinks that monarchy is valid, but she wants it to be more ‘modernized.’ Sharon said, “That’s because I’m old. I love it! Everybody’s human, we’re all human. They do a lot of good, but they’re human beings and they f**k up. We all f**k up. So the thing is, they do a lot of good also.”

    Sharon Osborne admitted to meeting Queen Elizabeth II four times and gave some suggestions for the modernization of the royal family. She added, “I think that it needs to be scaled down, and I do think that a lot of the pomp should go. It should be much more modernized, but I don’t think it should be stopped. It should be more modernized; they’ve got to stop with the silly hats and the capes.”

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