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    King Charles III Diagnosed With Cancer, Prince Harry Decides To Visit Him

    King Charles III has had tough luck with his health recently. Following an enlarged prostate diagnosis and treatment Buckingham Palace has issued an official announcement stating that the current monarch has also been diagnosed with cancer.

    The 75-year-old king had been released a week ago following his treatment for an enlarged prostate which was deemed to not be cancerous. But the recent development in events has been speaking opposing to it.

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    A Moment Of Weakness For The Royal Family

    The current monarch of UK, King Charles III
    The current monarch of the UK, King Charles III

    Buckingham Palace made a somber announcement today, revealing that King Charles has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. While the exact type of cancer has not been disclosed, it has been clarified that it is not prostate cancer. The announcement also revealed that the cancer was found during his treatment for his previous reigning ailment.

    In a personal capacity, the King informed both his sons about his diagnosis, Prince William and Prince Harry. The Prince of Wales has been maintaining regular contact with his father. The Duke of Sussex who has relinquished his duties as a working member of the Royal Family and currently resides in the US with his wife, Meghan Markle will soon fly to meet his father. The King has returned to London from Sandringham and begun the process of his healing on Monday, February 5th. He shall halt his public duties for the time being until further notice, although he continues to oversee the “State business and official paperwork and important as usual.”

    According to the issued declaration, The King “remains wholly positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible.” However, in the event that the King is unable to carry out his official duties, a constitutional mechanism exists wherein counselors of state can be appointed to stand in for the monarch. Currently, this includes Queen Camilla, Prince William, the Princess Royal, and Prince Edward.

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    World Leaders Send Best Wishes To King Charles III

    King Charles III during his first address to the public as the King
    King Charles III during his first address to the public as the King

    Messages of support for King Charles III have poured in from around the world, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak posted, “Wishing His Majesty a full and speedy recovery. I have no doubt he’ll be back to full strength in no time and I know the whole country will be wishing him well.”

    Keir Starmer, Labour Leader also sent his well wishes from the side of the whole Labour Party stating, “On behalf of the Labour Party, I wish His Majesty all the very best for his recovery.”

    Joe Biden, The President of the USA has expressed his concerns and shared with the press that he has recently gained the news of his diagnosis and will meet with the King soon.

    King Charles III’s decision to publicly address his prostate treatment aimed to raise awareness about the importance of regular prostate checks, a move that has been met with gratitude from medical professionals and organizations. The Royal Society of Medicine commended the King for highlighting the indiscriminate nature of cancer and urged eligible individuals to undergo cancer screenings for early detection and treatment.

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