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    Why Queen Camilla’s Sceptre Selection For Royal Coronation Is Causing Controversy

    With King Charles and Queen Camilla‘s coronation only weeks away, arrangements are being made for a smooth news cycle. The spill from the release of Prince Harry’s Spare autobiography has done enough damage. Almost at the finish line, the Crown hopes to make it without another controversy.

    But it looks like Queen Camilla’s choice of regalia is risking what could be a potentially lousy PR situation for the coronation. She has picked an ivory scepter as part of her crowning ceremony. Britain is known for its efforts to curb elephant-ivory products around the world. While breaking away from the tradition, Camilla is already offending the people she looks to serve.

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    Queen Camilla Chooses An Ivory Scepter For Coronation

    Queen Camilla is raising eyebrows with her choice of an ivory scepter
    Queen Camilla is raising eyebrows with her choice of an ivory scepter

    The royal outcasts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made a lot of disconcerting moves that have sullied the reputation of the Royal Family. But back home, things haven’t been easy for the Royals. From the guest list to the matters of the fallout from ‘Spare,’ they keep fumbling the ball. It is believed that in the ceremony conducted by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Camilla will wield an ivory scepter.

    The British government announced its initiative to push for a ban on selling ivory products in 2016, leading to the Ivory Act 2018. Hence, Queen Camilla’s decision will set the country back. Prince William has been at the forefront of campaigns against illegal animal trafficking and poaching for ivory products. Therefore, the disrespect from the royal family is absolutely shocking and a matter of disgrace.

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    Queen Camilla Rejected Kohinoor As Her Crowning Jewel

    The controversial Kohinoor diamond won't be a part of Queen Camilla's crown
    The controversial Kohinoor diamond won’t be a part of Queen Camilla’s crown

    Queen Camilla’s decision is baffling, to say the least. Parting with the tradition of getting a new crown made, she decided not to have the controversial diamond Kohinoor embedded in her crown. In 1937, Queen Elizabeth’s mother was the first to wear this diamond as a part of her coronation crown. The Kohinoor diamond has a long, bloodied history of belonging to different parties.

    First found in 14th century India, the Kohinoor is the world’s biggest diamond. However, it was acquired by the British colonial rule of India. A disturbing reminder of the colonial past, its true ownership has remained a bone of contention between the two countries. But by avoiding one controversy, she seems to have run into another.

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