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    Prince Harry Will Not Appear On The Balcony At King Charles’ Coronation

    Prince Harry has irked the British Royal family with his interviews, docu-series, and the tell-all memoir ‘Spare.‘ Despite all that, he received an invitation to King Charles‘ coronation ceremony. The Duke of Sussex has decided to attend the most important event of his father’s life.

    Media reports have stated that the 38-year-old will not appear on the coveted balcony of Buckingham Palace during the coronation. This is mainly because he, along with Meghan Markle, stepped down from their royal duties in 2020 and has been distant from the royals ever since.

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    Prince Harry Won’t Be Seen At The Iconic Balcony

    Prince Harry
    Prince Harry

    Even though Prince Harry is attending his father King Charles’ coronation ceremony, no one is expecting him to receive a grand welcome from the royals. This will also reflect on where he will appear.

    According to Page Six, there is “no way” Harry will be invited to join other royal members on the balcony. But another source stated that Buckingham Palace has not confirmed who will be on the balcony.

    The one thing that is clear is that Charles loves his son, the emotions of the day may just overtake everything,” they said. Harry, who is in the UK, will be living in Frogmore Cottage and will be joined by Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

    He will don a morning suit while William will be in a military uniform as the latter will also pledge his allegiance to the King. The event will take place at Westminster Abbey in London.

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    Harry Will Attend Both The Coronation And Archie’s Birthday

    Prince Harry with Meghan Markle, Lilibet, and Archie
    Prince Harry with Meghan Markle, Lilibet, and Archie

    While Harry will be in the United Kingdom, Meghan Markle has decided to skip the event and stay with her children in California. Their two kids were not officially invited for the coronation.

    A lot of people speculate that this might be the reason why the ‘Suits’ actress chose not to attend the event. However, Harry will only spend 24 hours in London and will head back to the US.

    This is because his son Archie’s 4th birthday falls on the same day and he does not want to miss it. “Harry’s going to make every effort to get back in time for Archie’s birthday,” a source said.

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