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    Tucker Carlson Gets Fooled By Prankster Pretending To Be Kate Middleton Whistleblower

    The Kate Middleton conspiracies and wild theories are now skyrocketing. As the Princess continues to heal after her abdominal surgery, fans and citizens are worried about her disappearance and what it could mean.

    Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson was the latest victim to the array of wild theories the internet has built around the Princess as he interviewed a prankster pretending to be a Kate Middleton Whistleblower.

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    Tucker Carlson Interviews A Prankster Kate Middleton Whistleblower

    Tucker Carlson interviewing the whistleblower
    Tucker Carlson interviewing the whistleblower

    British YouTubers Josh & Archie tricked Carlson Tucker into speaking with a fake whistleblower from Kensington Palace who was ready to reveal the truth about the Kate Middleton’s infamous photoshopped photo.

    Archie Manners pretended to be the former digital content creator for the Prince and Princess of Wales, claiming he was fired for altering the Mother’s Day image in a way that offended the public.

    In the video, Carlson said, “We’ve done our best to verify that your identity is what you say it is. You’re not a fake [Alexei] Navalny or doing a prank.”

    To which Archie replied,  “I was fired for negligence because the editing that I did was found … the editing job was almost too big to do.” He added that the picture was taken by Kate’s uncle during the holidays and he was asked to remove the Christmas tree in the picture.

    Carlson also told Manners, “That was great, and it was really interesting, too. I did not expect to be as interested in it as I was and that’s because you told such a great story.”

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    Where Is Kate Middleton?

    Kate Middleton (Credits: X)
    Kate Middleton (Credits: X)

    The general public has gotten increasingly concerned with Kate Middleton’s disappearance following her announcement of abdominal surgery.

    Although Kensington Palace confirmed that her abdominal surgery in January was scheduled and that she would be taking a break from the public until March, a number of peculiar details, including blurry images, an altered photo, ambiguous medical information, and sporadic updates from the British royal family, have left the public in suspense.

    The internet has gone into a spiral of conspiring about what the Princess has been up to. While some of the theories are funny

    Others are outright scary and involve gruesome murders.

    While others think William cheated on Kate with Sarah Rose Hanbury,

    It’s yet unclear on what the Princess is up to but it’s less likely that any of the conspiracy theories are true. As of now, all we can do is wait for an update from Kensington Palace.

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