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    US Government Faces Accusations Of Stonewalling As It Denies To Release Prince Harry’s US Visa Application Record

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are experiencing harsh repercussions after their confessions through various media. They have been tainting the public image of the royal family with the treatment they meted out to the couple. Since Meghan and Harry left the royal family, they have signed various media deals, and they are utilizing them to tell their stories. But not all confessions have helped them chronicle their struggles.

    Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir has landed the couple, especially the Duke of Sussex, in trouble. In the memoir, Harry talks about the most intimate details of his life, including his sexual life. Along with that, he confessed to trying various hard drugs, like cocaine and mushrooms. This has jeopardized his residence in the US, as a conservative think tank has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Home Security. They are asking for the release of the ex-royal visa record for public scrutiny. After the DHS refused to do so, the Heritage Foundation accused them of stonewalling the Biden administration.

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    Release Of The Visa Record Of Prince Harry Is Not Concerned With Public Interest

    US Government has rejected to make Prince Harry's visa application public
    US Government has rejected to make Prince Harry’s visa application public

    Prince Harry did not hold himself back from confessing that he had consumed some hard drugs. He admitted that he had consumed cocaine when he was just 17 years old. There are laws and punishments for possessing cocaine in both the UK and the US. Harry also said that he has tried marijuana and magic mushrooms.

    The Duke has landed himself and the US government in legal trouble with his bombshell confessions. A conservative think tank called the Heritage Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the government for not releasing Prince Harry’s visa record. The US visa process does not enable a person to attain the visa if they have a history with drugs. On June 6, 2023, the trial began in Washington, D.C.

    The Heritage Foundation filed a Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) request to access Harry’s visa record. Now, on June 13, 2023, the US Department of Home Security has denied the request, citing privacy reasons. Jimmy Wolfrey, the senior DHS director, wrote in a letter, saying, “To the extent records exist, this office does not find a public interest in disclosure sufficient to override the subject’s privacy interests.”

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    The Plaintiff Said That The Case Is About DHS’ Compliance Along With The Duke

    Prince Harry
    Prince Harry

    Nile Gardiner, the director of one of the wings of the Heritage Foundation, reacted to the Department of Home Security’s non-compliance. He says that the response “shows an appalling lack of transparency by the Biden Administration.”

    He added, “The Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to stonewall the Heritage Foundation’s Freedom of Information request are unacceptable, and we will be contesting their position.” Gardiner assured that he would fight for “transparency and accountability for the American people.”

    During the court hearing, the think tank’s lawyer, Sam Dewey, said, “This is obviously a case about the Duke of Sussex. What this case is truly about is the DHS and the DHS’ compliance with the law.”

    Dewey presented a quote from an article that alluded to the denial of a visa application if Harry had told the truth. The government’s lawyer said, “The plaintiff is not entitled to any records, and it is mainly because a person’s visa status is confidential.”

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