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    “Not In 100 Years Could You Guess Where This Is Going” Bizarre Video Of A Chinese Man Making “Something Special” Goes Viral

    Social media is a weird place. You can find all sorts of things here, from informative videos to entertaining animal videos, and interesting articles, among other things. But there is a section of this internet space that is home to some really bizarre videos that go viral.

    A TikTok video of a Chinese man has been going viral lately. The video that’s widely being shared everywhere shows a man, who runs a Tiktok account named @washkooo, making something special and no soul can guess where it’s heading till the very end.

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    You Cannot Guess Where This Bizarre Viral Video is Heading

    On July 13, A user named Screamer Jim with a Twitter handle HeheWaitWhut shared a bizarre Tiktok video that has since gone viral. He captioned it, “Not in 100 years could you guess where this is going.”

    The video has puzzled the netizens with the way it is structured. As Jim noted, no one can guess what is going on and where it’s heading, but people are intrigued with the process.

    The one-minute and 51-second video starts with a Chinese man, who runs a Tiktok account named @washkooo making something special. He is cooking a bunch of injection syringes on a pot. He then proceeds to cut out the needle parts from them.

    The man then goes on to cut the spines from several cactus leaves, while attaching empty matchboxes and ultimately hanging them to dry.

    Turns Out, The Man Was Just Trying To…

    Viral tiktok video
    Viral tiktok video

    The video, which has garnered around 8.7 million views on Twitter alone, has sparked a discussion among social media users.

    After a time jump, we see the man taking out the hanging cactus leaves and matchboxes that are filled with a white substance, appearing to be dry dew. He then crushes the substance, adds red paste to it, and cooks it.

    The red liquid turns into a paste and the Chinese man then puts it inside the syringes that he had cut out in the beginning. In the end, we see the man using the paste-filled syringes as lipstick. He literally colors his lips. This weird video has received all kinds of reactions from Twitteratis.

    One man wrote: “I really thought I did. I was so convinced of how right I was up until the last seconds.”

    Another user called it the “best tik tok satire I have ever seen.”

    But the internet is not alien to bizarre viral videos, a few months ago a video showed a heavily drunk woman trying to bring out her inner Tarzan. She climbs up to a tree in the middle of a party and tries to jump; throwing out an act for her audience. But the video doesn’t end well for her as she loses the grip of the branch and falls down on the floor.

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