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    Single Mom Who Went Viral For Crying And Baking Her Own Birthday Cake Turns Out To Be A Fraud

    Previously a single other received online support for crying and baking herself cake alone. She received a lot of online support for the footage she posted. A single mother cried and baked herself cupcakes alone. But there’s a twist to the video now.

    First, she was receiving sympathy for posting the video, now her ex-husband called her out for her fraud and unpaid child support. She has a lot of allegations on her and is probably faking the video to gain support from people.

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    Ex-Husband Angle To the Viral Single Mom Video

    Viral crying lady's ex-husband calls her out
    Viral crying lady’s ex-husband calls her out

    The viral video was shared by Elizabeth (@morethanelizabeth) which reached almost 37 million views on TikTok. She was crying alone on her birthday while baking for her. She received a lot of support from fellow women online. Some people sympathized with her, while some said that she should work on herself rather than be with the wrong person.

    As the video reached 37 million people, it also reached her ex-husband who reacted to the video and called her out online. The ex-husband made a reaction video to her footage claiming that they both share parent agreement and he has all weekdays and weekends to himself with the kids.

    She doesn’t have rights to the children. Moreover, the lady hasn’t paid child support of $21,175. She is a fraud and is faking her personality on the internet for some support and fame from people around.

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    The Lady Faked Cancer As Well

    The lady hasn't paid her child support and has done frauds of worth million
    The lady hasn’t paid her child support and has done frauds of worth million

    The viral lady’s ex-husband further claimed that she had been arrested for check fraud and hearing that it later turned out that she stole almost a million dollars from another man. He isn’t claiming these things from nothing but also sharing the proof of everything in the video.

    The lady went to the extent that she had to fake cancer, and her husband also showed the scans of the fake scan. He urged the people to see the video and judge themselves after seeing her reality.

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