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    Horrifying: Screen Falls On Boy Band In A Live Show, Crushes Two Team Members

    During a performance in Hong Kong by the extremely popular Boy Band Mirror, a massive screen collapsed, injuring two dancers in front of the shocked audience.

    The footage that went viral on the internet shows a large screen falling straight over one of the performers and then falling sideways crushing the other member of the band.

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    Screen Crushes Two Boy Band Members During A Live Show

    Screen Crushes Two Boy Band Members
    Screen Crushes Two Boy Band Members

    On Thursday, at least two individuals were hurt, one of them was a member of the Hong Kong Cantopop boy band Mirror. The incident occurred during a concert, and the victims were crushed by a big television screen as it collapsed and broke.

    Video of the horrifying event that occurred at the Hong Kong Coliseum was taken by spectators and uploaded to various social media platforms. The video reveals that one of the several floating screens that were positioned above the stage became detached and fell onto the artists below.

    It is still unknown who of Mirror’s 12 members was hurt in the incident; however, the South China Morning Post stated that two of the band’s male dancers, one a well-known dancer by the name of Mo, were brought to the hospital following the incident.

    The event was abruptly interrupted and then Ahfa Wong Wai-Kwan, the band’s manager, walked onstage to address the concerned crowd.

    “Thank you so much for your support to Mirror, but there is something that we need to handle now,” he stated. “I hope you can all leave in an orderly manner … I’m sorry. I promise to settle your tickets and promise we will handle the show to ensure everyone’s safety.”

    The information that two male dancers were taken to the hospital was confirmed by the Hong Kong police to the local press. According to reports from a Queen Elizabeth hospital, one of the performers sustained neck injuries and was in critical condition while another was listed as in stable condition.

    Twitter Reacts To The Horrible Accident

    Twitter erupted with reactions to the Screen falling on a boy band during a live show, crushing two team members.

    Some people were outraged that the fall happened and others could not believe the level of mayhem it ensued. The concertgoer who filmed the incident posted it to Twitter, and it quickly went viral.

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