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    You Won’t Believe How Much Damage Invasive Frog And Snake Species Have Done To World Economy

    Science generally talks about maintaining the balance between animals and humans and the benefits we get from their relationship. But there have been instances when the balance has not been quite effective, and instead, caused damage.

    One such instance is the case of invasive frog and snake species. These have caused a lot of damage to the world economy. The total damage has been calculated and it is an obscene amount. Researchers have given their statements on the issue as well.

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    Damage Done By The Invasive Frog And Snake Species

    Invasive species of snake and frog
    Invasive species of snake and frog

    Two invasive species, namely the American bullfrog and the brown tree snake have done huge damage to the world economy, according to a study. It suggested that the total damage done has been $16 billion between 1986 and 2020. The main cause is damage to crops and power outages.

    The brown-and-green frog known as Lihobates catesbeianus weighs over two pounds. They have mostly caused problems in Europe. Whereas, the brown tree snake or Boiga irregularis has mostly affected Pacific islands like Guam and the Marianna Islands.

    According to Ismael Soto, a PhD student at the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic, they were first introduced by the American military. He said the snakes multiplied to such a level that led to power outages as they crawled inside electric equipment.

    How To Control Them?

    Invasive species of snake and frog
    Controlling them is important

    The whole incident pointed out the need to control the global transportation of these invasive species to stop them from creating tremendous problems everywhere.

    Soto, the study’s lead researcher, pointed out some facts. “Nowadays, the pet trade is the main pathway for these species, especially now that everyone wants to get the most exotic snake,” he said. “We propose continuously updating the black list of forbidden species for trade.”

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