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    Scientists Seek Netizens’ Help To Identify Mysterious Holes On The Seabed Of Atlantic

    In today’s episode of how the Earth and universe surprise us, we have a bunch of scientists finding a series of holes on the ocean bed of the Atlantic ocean. The discovered mysterious holes, or indentations as one calls it, were found during a mission to monitor deep-sea coral and sponge habitats at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

    ‘The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’ (NOAA) posted two photos on Facebook and turned to the public for observatory help. This discovery was made during the “Voyage to the Ridge 2022” – the three telepresence-enabled ocean exploration expeditions on the ‘NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer’.

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    Scientists Want To Know What The Netizens Think Of The Holes In The Atlantic Ocean Bed

    The holes on the seabed in a perfect straight line.
    The holes on the seabed are in a perfectly straight line.

    The researchers from ‘National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’ (NOAA) Ocean Exploration discovered holes running for about 1.7 miles, in a straight line. These observations were made by the remote-operated vehicle, and they intrigued the scientists and the researchers, and they immediately took to social media to share their findings. 

    On the NOAA Ocean Exploration Facebook page, the team wrote that these holes have been found earlier as well, but their origin remains a mystery to this date. What makes this finding even more interesting is that the indentations are perfectly aligned, and located at the same distance from each other. 

    The holes could have also been considered a human-made activity, however, the scientists pointed out that the pile of sediment around the holes arise different speculations. 

    Facebook Users Have A Lot Of Theories

    Scientists turn to Facebook for their theories on the mysterious holes found on the Atlantic sea bed
    Facebook had many wild assumptions about the mysterious holes

    NOAA asked on Facebook about what theories users have. These are some of the interesting replies: 

    “I wonder if some company may be conducting seafloor samples. That might explain the straight lines and the spacing of the holes. Especially if you have seen others in the region. Only thing is, everything else around it doesn’t seem like it’s been disturbed.”

    “By looking at what pattern It make, It might be impression of sharp scales like structure of some creatures like saw fish.”

    There’s a pattern, but the holes don’t seem that perfectly aligned from what can be seen. My 2pence guess is that they come from an automatic rifle or aircraft shooting into the water. That would explain the 1.7miles & regular pattern. Just a wild guessh.”

    Other one straightaway linked it to Stranger Things, commenting, “The Gates to the upside down are opening!”

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