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    Amazon’s ‘Fallout’ Gets Called Out By Fans For Going ‘Woke’. Here’s Why

    Amazon’s adaptation of video games in the show ‘Fallout‘ came as a pleasant surprise for many gaming fans across the world. The series has been loved by fans and critics since its release, and holds impressive ratings despite the live-action show being a bit different from the original games.

    However, there has been a lot of negative talk about the web series. Before the release of the show, the creator of Netflix’s ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes off’ called out Amazon for using their binge model for ‘Fallout’. The issue has not yet been settled.

    While the debate around binge vs TV model is still ongoing, some fans of the video games expressed disapproval towards Amazon Prime for making one of the leads of the show a woman.

    Because of this, people are calling out Amazon for going ‘woke’, even though the video game itself gives the players an option to choose to be a man or a woman. However, a lot of other social media users saw the absurdness of the claims and called the criticizers out.

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    Fans React To ‘Fallout’s Lead Being A Woman

    Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean in Amazon's Fallout
    Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean in Amazon’s Fallout

    While critics are debating on whether ‘Fallout’ was better than ‘The Last Of Us’, the video games fans have other concerns. When the series first aired, most people were quick to ride the bandwagon of calling the show ‘woke’ and ‘communist.’

    If Fall Out Boy was created today they would be called fall out bisexual. Due to woke,” a user on X tweeted. However, despite the hate due to the wokeness most of the show, fans were trolling those raising voice against its allegedly “woke” choices. “Everyone saying Fallout became “woke” have never actually played the games lmfao,” another user on X tweeted.

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