‘Friends’: In Which Episode Do They Switch Apartments?

Created by Martha Kauffman and David Crane, ‘Friends‘ is the all-time favorite sitcom. The show left us with many memorable scenes and tear-jerking moments. From Monica finding a new roommate, to Ross finding his lobster, Joey, and Pheobe’s perfect friendship goals, and Chandler growing out of his commitment fears, we connected ourselves to all of them. In the year 2021, all the “Friends” came back together for a reunion episode reminiscing about their time shooting the series.

Over its 10-year run ‘Friends‘ gave us many iconic and unforgettable episodes. Over the course of seasons, the six friends found themselves involved in hilarious situations ranging from Ross’ dramatic “Who ate my sandwich” to the most emotional scenes of Rachel moving out of the apartment. But none of these episodes match the energy and humor of ‘The One With the Embryos’. This episode was witty, funny, and memorable.

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What Happens In ‘The One With the Embryos’ Episode Of ‘Friends’?

Season four episode 12 covers two different storylines simultaneously. While Phoebe is prepared to become Frank and Alice’s surrogate mother, Joey, after guessing correctly that it was Monica’s laundry day and thus she was wearing a specific type of underwear, made a bet with her that he and Chandler knew more about her and Rachel than they knew about the guys. To prove this theory, Chandler and Joey guess all the items correctly that Rachel brought from the store.

Monica being competitive, could not agree to this and asked Ross to organize a trivia game. As the game progressed, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey got more and more excited, and when the game ended in a tie, they settled on a new bet if the girls won, the boys would have to get rid of their pet rooster and duck, but if the boys won, they would have to switch apartments. 

Unfortunately, during the lightning round, Monica and Rachel were unable to answer the question of what is Chandler’s job. This is a recurring joke throughout the series. Excited  Rachel says he is a ‘transponster’ which does not even exist and they run out of time. Hence, the boys got the apartment as they won the game fair and square. Thanks to Ross the trivia game revealed many unknown facts about the characters. Monica and Rachel after living in the disgusting boys’ apartment for a while switched it when they were at a basketball game. They sealed the new deal by kissing each other for one minute in front of them.

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Did Chandler Trick Monica To Raise The Stakes Of The Bet?

According to a theory on Reddit, Chandler tricked Monica into the whole game and betted the apartment by cheating the first time. The theory explains that while Chandler and Joey were guessing the items from Rachels’s bag, Chandler might have looked into it while everyone was distracted. After Joey correctly guessed there were apples in the bag, Ross made an annoying TV host-like voice, and Chandler walked up to him to tell him to stop that was when he could have quickly and discreetly looked inside the bag and guessed that Rachel bought sodas.

Chandler knew Monica would get competitive and ask for a second chance at the game. And at that time he would trick them into betting on the apartment. But this theory if true would take away the fun in the whole apartment game switch. On the other hand, this would make Chandler one of the smartest characters on the show as he knew how to manipulate his friends into doing something as big as betting on their beloved apartment.

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