10 Best Episodes From Sitcom Friends You Must Watch


Out of 236 episodes of Friends sitcom, almost all of them are best if compare to any other sitcom. And finding the top amongst these 236 episodes is a tough task. But today, we have brought you the top 10 episodes of Friends that you must watch. 

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Best Episodes From Friends Sitcom:

The One Where Ross Finds Out

It is the seventh episode of season two. This episode consists of the much-awaited start of the relationship between Ross and Rachel. In this episode, Ross finds out that Rachel also likes him. But as Ross was already with Julie, it created a mess between them. The end was good as any as they ended up kissing each other for the first time. 

The One Where No One Is Ready

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Another masterpiece from the 236 episodes is this one. Ross has a big event for which everyone has to be ready, but no one is ready on time. And we can see Joey doing lunges, Rachel getting angry from Ross, Monica leaving a voice mail to Richard.

The One Where Ross Gets High

In this episode, Ross and Monica’s parents come to her home. And it all resulted in lots of secrets being shared with them.  

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The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Another one of the best episodes is this. Chandler and Monica were trying to hide their relationship from everyone. But in this episode, everyone found out about them. 

The One With The Prom Video

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In this episode, Rachel finds out about Ross’s crush on her. And how Monica used to look when she was young. 

The One With The Rumor

This episode brings the entry of Bradd Pitt into the show. And how he behaves exactly as Rachel used to in their college time. And how Ross and Pitt had a gang where they used to hate Rachel.  

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The One After Vegas

This episode gave everyone lots of twists. Monica and Chandler slept together for the first time. And Ross and Rachel got married again in a church after getting drunk. And no one is aware of the same when they come back. 

The One With The Proposal

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All of us who have watched Friends, was waiting for this moment and episode. In this episode, Chandler finally proposes to Monica. But before that, many things happen, where they were on brink of a breakup. Monica goes back to Richard, Joey and Chandler find a tape with Monica’s name in Richard’s home. 

The One After Ross Says, Rachel

It is one of the most hilarious episodes of all time. All the fans were under stress when Ross was going to marry Emily. And all the characters find out that Rachel still loves Ross. But in the end, the twist surprised all. On the altar, Ross ended up saying Rachel instead of Emily. 

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The One With Unagi

We got the two most memorable words from this episode of Friends. They are “Unagi” and “Salmon Skin Roll”. This starts when Rachel and Phoebe sign up for some self-defense classes. And when Ross finds out about this, he shows off his skills.