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    ‘Gen V’ To Honor Chance Perdomo In Season 2 By Not Recasting Him After His Tragic Death

    The untimely passing of 27-year-old British actor Chance Perdomo left the ‘Gen V’ fans in grief. Perdomo played the role of one of the main characters of the series, Andre Anderson. He tragically passed away on a motorcycle just before the TV series was about to start shooting.

    After a month of this tragic incident, ‘Gen V’ creators have given an update on season 2 of the TV series. They revealed that they will be paying tribute to Chance Perdomo by not re-casting another actor for the role.

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    ‘Gen V’ Creators Are Working On A New Storyline After Passing Away Of Chance Perdomo

    Chance Perdomo
    Chance Perdomo (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    On 5 May, producers of ‘Gen V’ released a long statement talking about the Chance Perdomo and season 2 of ‘The Boys’ spin-off series. They revealed that they will be taking some time to change the story of ‘Gen V’ season 2.

    In the statement, they said, “As we continue to navigate the tragic loss of Chance Perdomo, everyone at ‘Gen V’ is determined to find the best way to pay respect to his memory. We won’t be recasting the role, because no one can replace Chance. Instead, we have been taking the time and space to recraft our season 2 storylines as we begin production in May. We will honor Chance and his legacy this season.”

    At the end of season 1, fans saw Perdomo’s Andre Anderson along with his other friends detained after they fought Cate and Sam. The story of these rebels would’ve continued further, however, Moreau, Jordon and Emma might have to continue their struggle with Andre.

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    How ‘Gen V’ Will Connect To ‘The Boys’ Season 4?

    Karl Urban's Billy Butcher and Antony Starr's  Homelander
    Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher and Antony Starr’s Homelander (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Gen V‘ is set between the seasons 3 and 4 of ‘The Boys’. The third season of ‘The Boys’ ended with the Homelander going berserk and leaving the old fake “good boy” superhero persona.

    He also wreaked havoc in the Godolkin University in the finale of the spin-off series. Now, the story of ‘The Boys‘ season 4 will continue the narrative of the “supe virus” seen in ‘Gen V’.

    Billy Butcher for a long time is trying to pack these bad supes in the body bags. Butcher now knows about the existence of this virus. This will give him a competitive edge when he faces a more unhinged Homelander.

    On the other hand, Homelander can use this evidence to invoke other supes about the incoming war against their kind. Fans also saw Maddie Philips’ Cate Dunlap and Asa Germann’s Sam in the season 4 trailer. Some fans are speculating that Sam is the new Black Noir. With Starlight and Queen Maeve out of the Seven, Cate can be a new addition to the group.

    Creators have already claimed that this new season of ‘The Boys’ will top all the craziness fans witnessed in the previous seasons. It will also tie up with season 2 of ‘Gen V’. So fans have to just wait to see what creators have packed for them.

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