‘How To Get Away With Murder’: Do Frank And Bonnie Sleep Together?

Bonnie (left) and Frank (right) in Annalise Keating's office
Bonnie (left) and Frank (right) in Annalise Keating's office

The le­gal drama series entitle­d ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ garnere­d immense popularity for its intricate plot and complex characters, leaving vie­wers captivated. As the show progre­sses, it unveils the hidde­n layers of Frank and Bonnie’s relationship that extend beyond mere professional relations in ways we couldn’t have expected.


Over the­ years, they have re­mained close friends with a pure­ly platonic relationship. However, the­ir dynamic has left fans questioning whethe­r there was eve­r a possibility of something more happening be­tween them and how that could impact the­ir storyline. Today’s unveiling will surely make you hot and flustered yet eager for more!

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Bonnie And Frank’s Relationship On ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

woman hugging man
Frank and Bonnie sharing an emotional moment

From the show’s first season, it is clear that Frank and Bonnie have a special connection that goes beyond their professional roles. They often share intense looks, private conversations, and secrets hinting at deeper intimacy. 

Frank and Bonnie’s relationship becomes even more complicated and ambiguous as the show progresses. They both have other romantic interests, but these relationships are often fraught with tension, jealousy, and betrayal. Frank dates Laurel Castillo, one of Annalise’s law students, and they have a passionate but unstable relationship that ends in tragedy. Bonnie has a brief affair with Asher Millstone, another law student, but she breaks it off when she realizes that Asher is working for the prosecution against Annalise. Complicated much?

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The Inevitable Intimacy Between Bonnie And Frank

man and woman
Bonnie wakes up Frank from nightmare before kissing him

Frank and Bonnie finally end up sleeping together in the third season. The two characters are close friends who have been through a lot together. After Frank kills Bonnie’s abusive father, Bonnie is grateful to Frank for what he has done, and the two of them sleep together. However, their relationship is short-lived. Frank is haunted by what he did, and Bonnie is still struggling with her own trauma.

Frank and Bonnie’s relationship is a complex one. They are both damaged people who are trying to find love and redemption. However, their relationship is also doomed from the start. They are both too broken to be together, and their relationship is ultimately destructive. Frank and Bonnie’s relationship is one of the most controversial relationships in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. The two are attracted to each other because they are both damaged people who are trying to find love and redemption. 

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