In Which Episode Does Andrea Die In ‘The Walking Dead’?

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead‘ is an American post-apocalyptic horror series, adapted from the comics with the same name. The series features a large ensemble cast as survivors of a zombie apocalypse fighting to stay alive under near-constant attacks from zombies. The series is the first television series within ‘The Walking Dead‘. Later in 2015, the spin-off series ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ was released.

Three further spinoffs have been announced: ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City‘ featuring Maggie and Negan, Daryl Dixon featuring the titular character, and an untitled series featuring Rick and Michonne. Season three of ‘Walking Dead‘ killed off many characters and one among them was Andrea Harrison, one of the plot’s essential characters.

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‘The Walking Dead’: In Which Episode Andrea Harrison Died?

Andrea Harrison, played by Laurie Holden, is the fourth important character of the series. She was a middle-aged woman, who was a civil-rights lawyer before the zombie apocalypse. She is cautious, brave, smart, and always protected her little sister. Due to her leadership skills, she was a key member of Rick’s original group. During season two, she begins to become more independent, distancing herself from the group. She keeps the gun her father gave her, despite Dale’s disapproval due to her lack of gun knowledge and brief suicidal streak.

By season three, Andrea was all on her own, away from the group. Unfortunately, season three witnessed her end. She met her end after turning against the Governor with whom she had shared a romantic relationship. As punishment, the Governor chained her up in his torture room with a zombie. After getting bitten, Andrea killed herself.

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How Andrea’s Death In The Series Is Different From Comics.

In ‘The Walking Death‘ comics, Andrea did not face the same unfair fate she faced in the series. Her death in comics came much later. In the comics, she survived the conflict with the Governor and went on to play much more important roles in the story arcs that followed, including Alexandria, the battle with Negan, the Saviors, and the Whisperer War. It was during, this time that she was Rick’s most reliable ally. The two also shared a romantic relationship as well.

In fact, the writers wanted to play by the comics, and the original plan was for Andrea to save Woodbury on a horse starting a relationship with Rick. Holden revealed in interviews that she had an “8-year deal” on the show, and was shocked when she was suddenly told that Andrea was going to die in season 3.

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