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    Is ‘South Park’ Based On Real-Life Characters?

    Creating content for television is a tricky terrain, but Matt Stone and Trey Parker make it look easy. Since its broadcast, ‘South Parkhas been playful in its take on the joys and eccentricities of small-town people. It’s a love letter and an occasional rebuke to the place they are from. They love Colorado and are protective of it.

    The characters and the setting of ‘South Park‘ come from Stone and Parker’s experiences growing up in Colorado. Their colleagues have also inspired them to create some memorable characters. Many characters in the show, however, are based on show’s creator’s personality traits.

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    Inspirations Behind The ‘South Park’ Characters

    'South Park' creators created Kenny based on a childhood friend
    ‘South Park’ creators created Kenny based on a childhood friend

    All ‘South Park’ characters come from a special place. Stone and Parker have written characters who represent the duality of human nature, and then there’s Kenny. Coming from an underprivileged background, he’s always the butt of jokes. The show loves to take his adversity to the extreme, often killing him off in the most absurd ways.

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker have confirmed Kenny is based on a person they grew up with. Much like his animated depiction, he was a poor kid with an orange parka and an indistinguishable voice. The incompetent school counselor on the show, Mr. Mackey, is based on Parker’s school counselor, Mr. Lackey. On the show, the students disrespect him by answering him in his passive voice. Parker and his friends would do the same.

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    Is Eric Cartman Based On A Real Person?

    Eric Cartman is a composite of fictional and real character
    Eric Cartman is a composite of fictional and real character

    The most beloved foul mouth is a composite character. Parker and Stone channeled Archie Bunker and Matt Karpman to create Eric Cartman. The previous was a politically incorrect character from ‘All In The Family.’ The latter was a friend of the show’s creator, known for explicit-laced comebacks and a nasty attitude.

    Another character on the show, Leopold “Butters” Stotch, was developed by keeping in mind a real person. Butters was inspired by ‘South Park’ producer Eric Stough. The show creators described him as a “goody-goody” because of his reluctance to push the envelope. The nickname came from them calling Eric “Butters” for about three years.

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