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    Is ‘The Regime’ Season 2 Happening With Kate Winslet?

    HBO’sThe Regimehas thrown off a lot of people with its season finale for the first season. The series is a satirical political miniseries led by Kate Winslet with a total of 6 episodes. However, with the bizarre ending fans are questioning the possibility of a season 2.

    The series revolves around Winslet’s character, Elena, who is the chancellor of an unnamed Central European nation that is unraveling behind the palace walls. The delusional dictator does everything for the welfare of the nation.

    Despite there being hope for a season 2 for the series, it is very unlikely that it would take place. This is because the show was released on HBO Max as a miniseries and they don’t usually don’t have a vast plan and are concluded within one season.

    There is no confirmation for the fate of ‘The Regime‘ yet. However, due to Kate Winslet’s Elena ending the first season still in power and even worse than before, there’s still a slight chance of a season 2.

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    ‘The Regime’ Ending Explained

    A still from The Regime
    A still from The Regime

    By the end of the series, Chancellor Elena has tried everything and still remains defeated. She is offered one chance to survive and retake power which is to become a puppet. She goes along with being a puppet and orders Zubak’s murder to become chancellor again. She meets her lover Zubak one last time at a hotel after sacrificing him.

    A year after Zubak’s death Elena is celebrating her 9th Victory Day with her husband Guillaume Gallienne by her side. However, bizarrely enough Elena keeps the corpse of Zubak in the same glass coffin her father used to inhabit in the palace’s basement. 

    Throughout its run, ‘The Regime‘ insinuated that even with reformers like Zubak who want change by the end of the day it’s the capitalists who win. Despite the Zubak and Elena storyline still not being concluded, it’s unlikely that there will be a season 2.

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