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    Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac’s Stunt Double Shares A Deleted Scene Featuring Extended Jackal Fight

    Marvel’s Moon Knight has come to an end but viewers are still amazed by the spectacle they witnessed in the finale. Oscar Isaac’s outstanding performance has made it so difficult to forget. The new Disney+ program introduced a new vigilante who has Disassociate Identity Disorder and is possessed by the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu. He comes with a lot of baggage.

    The titular character appears in full costume for the first time near the end of the first episode. It’s only for a few seconds, but the hero turning to the camera after savagely slaying a hound left an impression. But now it is revealed that it was originally supposed to be Jackal instead of a regular hound.

    Deleted Fighting Scene Of Moon Knight With Jackal

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    As good as it was, a new video uploaded by Oscar Isaac’s stunt double shows how the sequence may have gone differently. The video was released on Instagram. In the different scene, Marc Spector would have had an extensive battle sequence. In this sequence, there could be a display of vicious fighting style in another universe. Stunt man Jamel Blissat shared a video of a fight sequence he worked on Instagram, displaying a deleted scene from Moon Knight’s first episode.

    “At the beginning the first appearance of Moon Knight in the restroom was supposed to be a real fight against the jackal. This is one of the stunt prefiz.”

    Jamel Blissat

    Jamel further shares how the entire scene of the series’s toilet segment was planned to be a real fight against the jackal. Further, he says this is different than what is actually over the screens. Also, Jamel plays Moon Knight as he battles a phony jackal in a bathroom set. Some of the actions include the likes of the hero being pulled over sinks, thrown against mirrors, and breaking sinks across his enemy’s face.

    Producers Prevented The Brutal Fight Scene!

    Moon Knight Three Suits
    Moon Knight

    The fight would have been not only exceedingly vicious but also perhaps one of the finest in the whole series. Many people are actually not very happy that this scene never made it to the final cut. While the project did not feature as much action as a typical MCU production, the conclusion could have brought a change. It wasn’t a jackal battle, but it was a fierce Kaiju throwdown. This isn’t even taking into account the harm Moon Knight and Mr. Knight inflicted on Harrow and his soldiers. The brutality in the most current season was extreme, rivaling that of Daredevil.

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