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    ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’: What Illness Does King George Have?

    It has been common for Netflix shows to be a topic of debate for certain reasons and this happens without fail when the shows are created based on real-life characters. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Storyis one of those shows and it explores a bit more about the life of Queen Charlotte.

    The show has also delved into the personal life of King George. George is known for his battle with mental health and viewers have been able to witness a new side of George’s story.

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    Problems Of The Real King George Explored

    King George could have contracted bipolar disorder in today’s worls

    In one of the sequences, King George disappears on the night of his wedding and this leaves Charlotte alone and confused. Queen Charlotte asks what’s wrong with him but she does not get an answer from George and Charlotte then finds that George was sleeping and eating in his observatory.

    It must be clarified here that George is completely fine. According to historians, George battled with his mental health which is described to be a complicated topic. But treatment for mental health problems was not available during the time of George.

    According to research, King George could have been suffering from bipolar disorder. The researchers used a computer for reading George’s letters between 1760 and 1820 and it was discovered that he was suffering from acute mania, which was a kind of symptom of the maniac phase of bipolar disorder I.

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    King George Suffered From Other Problems Throughout His Life

    King George suffered from a few other health problems

    King George’s behavior was affected because of an illness in 1788. The complications included hallucinations alongside speaking gibberish, making wrong advances towards women, and violent reactions due to which the servants had to pin him down.

    A visitor also revealed that George buried a steal on the castle grounds thinking that it will become a beef tree. He also attempted to shake hands with an oak tree thinking it was the king of Prussia.

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