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    ‘Sex Education’ Star Ncuti Gatwa Will Have A ‘Pivotal’ Fashion Moment In Season Four

    The fourth and final season of Netflix’s beloved series ‘Sex Education’ will be here in no time! It will be the last session for the Moordale—sorry,  ex-Moordale kids—in the final season! The third season surely sets the premise for a lot of questions that the show will answer. As Laurie Nunn said, the new season will focus on LGBTQIA+ characters. It will be interesting to know what happens to Ncuti Gatwa’s character, Eric Effiong. One of the most interesting things about ‘Sex Education’ is the dialogue it ignited about intersectional representation in the storytelling.

    As the seasons progressed, the series introduced queer characters from different ethnicities. Eric Effiong, played by the stellar Ncuti Gatwa, is one of the queer characters. He is the son of religious emigrant parents. Though they support their child, they are skeptical about the identity expression. Despite that, there have been some ethereal fashion moments of Eric in the three seasons, and fans can expect some more, in particular, in the upcoming season.

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    ‘Sex Education’ Designer Reveals A Transformational Moment For Ncuti Gatwa’s Character Eric

    Ncuti Gatwa will have a transformational moment in the new season of 'Sex Education'
    Ncuti Gatwa will have a transformational moment in the new season of ‘Sex Education’

    The new season of ‘Sex Education’ is exciting, as the Moordale kids will attend Cavendish Sixth Form. New school entails new drama, new love angles, and new characters! Laurie Nunn said that the new season will focus on LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially trans and non-binary characters. There will be a ‘Coven’, which is a group of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

    Along with Ncuti Gatwa‘s Eric, there will be new queer characters played by Felix Mufti, Alexandra James, and Anthony Lexa. The new costume designer, Daniella Pearman, talked to Radio Times about the new season. She talked about how there is a transformative scene in the new season for Eric.

    She said, “The pivotal part is when he goes to a queer party. He’s just like, ‘Wow, this is my world.’ From that point, we then see him take influence from the coven, and be a bit more experimental with what he wears.”

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    Ncuti Gatwa Revealed That The Show Healed His Internal Hate

    Ncuti Gatwa in 'Sex Education'
    Ncuti Gatwa in ‘Sex Education’

    Ncuti Gatwa‘s queer character had many experimental fashion moments throughout the series. Those moments defined the character and always gave a new direction to his character. Apart from fashion moments, there have been some transcendental moments like going to church again after the physical assault incident in season one.

    During an interview with Elle, Ncuti Gatwa revealed how the show helped him to tame the internalized hate. He said, “I’ve experienced racism my whole life, and while I always believed in myself, always knew [racists] were stupid and uneducated, I guess it did misinform my view of how the world works.”

    Ncuti Gatwa added, “It makes you think everyone has that opinion and you’ll constantly have to fight through life – then you learn that you don’t: ‘you can find a tribe, you can find your people.’ “

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