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    ‘Stranger Things’: Joe Keery Hints At “Good Things” Happening For His Character Steve Harrington In Season 5

    Stranger Things‘ fans are eagerly anticipating season 5 of the show, with speculations about the fate of their beloved characters hanging by a thread. While all the characters of the show have their separate fanbases, fans are rooting for a happy ending for everyone in the protagonist roles on the show.

    The character of Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery, has especially sparked fans’ interest after his recent cryptic comment about his character’s fate on the show. Known for his evolution from high school heartthrob to a mentor everyone relies on, Steve’s future in the upcoming season has been a topic of concern.

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    “I Do Get To Have Some Good, Good Things”: Joe Kerry’s Statement Brings Hope For ‘Stranger Things’ Fans

    still from 'Stranger Things' (Image: Getty)
    ‘Stranger Things’: Joe Keery Hints At “Good Things” Happening For His Character Steve Harrington In Season 5

    ‘The ‘Stranger Things’ creators have already kickstarted the production for the next season of the show. Fans are well aware that with the ominous presence of the Upside Down and the looming threat of Vecna, the stakes are higher than ever for the residents of Hawkins. The possibility of a major character meeting a tragic death has been a prevalent theory among fans, with Steve being a popular guess.

    However, a recent update from Joe Keery has offered some hope to his fanbase. While he did not spill out many details Keery hinted at positive developments about his character. “I do get to have some good, good things this time around,” he recently said.

    The statement is fairly ambiguous and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Fans are guessing that the comment suggests a potentially more optimistic ending for Steve.

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    What Does Joe Keery Exactly Mean By “Good Things”?

    Still from 'Stranger Things' (Image: Getty)
    Still from ‘Stranger Things’ (Image: Getty)

    Keery’s comment could be approached from several angles. His fans could be right to think that his character sees a good ending. Taken at face value, Keery’s words could hint at a genuinely happy ending for Steve. Steve’s character has gone through several trials and faced some hurtful situations in the previous seasons of the show.

    So it’s quite possible that his character might finally find himself in a more favorable position — in terms of personal growth, romantic life, or success in beating the woes that his friends and the town faces.

    On the other had, the statement might also reflect the actor’s satisfaction with the depth and complexity of Steve’s character arc in season 5. This could indicate an opportunity for Keery to show his acting skills and explore some complexities of Steve’s personality.

    While the phrase “good things” leaves room for interpretation, it brings a sense of relief to fans who have witnessed Steve’s journey throughout the series.

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