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    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: Which Beatles’ Song Plays At The End Of The Episode?

    With Total Football in full swing, AFC Richmond returns to their winning ways. But Ted Lasso has got his demons. His fragile peace of mind falls apart when he learns that his ex-wife is being whisked away to Paris. Ted gets to spend time with his son Henry but keeps sinking into depression.

    Keeley and Jack’s bliss is disrupted when the previous becomes a victim of a widespread photo hack. While coming up with ways to put this behind them, the couple has their big blowout. Ned, too doubts his relationship with Jade. But when the going got tough, Ted Lasso provided a sermon of strength with the sound of music.

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    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: What Does The Beatles’ Song ‘Hey Jude’ Mean For The Show?

    A still from 'Ted Lasso'
    A still from ‘Ted Lasso.’

    Since Ted and Michelle’s divorce, Henry has been silent and sullen. However, Ted is blinded to his son’s spectrum of emotions. They talk and express their feelings, but Ted always seems a million miles away. Still hung on the fact her ex-wife might marry soon, Ted asks Rebecca for a private investigator.

    Meanwhile, he looks for ways to spend time with Henry, who suggests watching a football match. And as luck would have it, Nate Shelley’s West Ham United is the only game in town. Later, Ted, Henry, and Beard circle back to the local pub. Ted goes off to take a call from Rebecca. As he leaves, a street musician starts playing his version of ‘Hey Jude.’ Realizing how confusing things have been for Henry, Beard tells him the song’s story.

    The song was written to comfort a little boy in the scariest time of his life. On the phone, Rebecca makes Ted realize he’s focusing on the wrong things. She makes him realize how his blind pursuit of the past is ruining his here and now with his son. Rebecca tells Ted to hang up and sing the song with his child.

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    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: A Tough Week For Everyone In Love

    Keeley has her first big fight with Jack on 'Ted Lasso'
    Keeley has her first big fight with Jack on ‘Ted Lasso.’

    A scandal erupts when many celebrities have their photos leaked. While Keeley isn’t ashamed of those pictures, Jack doesn’t feel the same way and blames her for taking the photos in the first place. Without it feeling preachy, the Richmond boys learn a thing or two about morality when keeping an ex’s pictures on their phones.

    Richmond’s captain McAdoo asks his teammates to immediately delete every photo in his presence. As Colin hides, McAdoo snatches his phone. Instead of reacting, he walks away. As Nate spends more and more time with Jade, he wonders what they are. He even begins to miss Ted and the old team, leading him to recreate the Diamond Dogs at West Ham.

    When Jade finally addresses him as her boyfriend, Nate cracks his first full smile on the current season of ‘Ted Lasso.’ Paul McCartney may have written ‘Hey Jude’ to cure a child’s heart, but the warm strength of the song can hopefully put the water under the bridge for all relationships gone wrong.

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