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    ‘The 100’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Clarke And Her Friends?

    After seven successful seasons, Jason Rothenberg’s ‘The 100 came to an end. This post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama is loosely based on a young adult novel written by Kass Morgan. The series featured multiple wars, planets, and countless characters, but only a few made it to the series finale.

    ‘The 100’ takes place nearly 100 years after a nuclear war destroyed all civilizations on Earth. The spaceship lodging humanity’s survivors sends 100 of its juvenile delinquents back to Earth in the hope of repopulating the planet. But when the group makes it to their home planet, they immediately realize that they are not alone. Under the leadership of Clarke and Bellamy, the group fights for their survival in a desperate attempt to establish communication with their ship.

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    What Happened At The End Of ‘The 100’?

    When the series started, the crucial task was finding a home for humanity to survive.‘”The 100’ were sent to Earth in the first place to make sure the planet was viable after years of radiation soaking the atmosphere. The big conflict of the fifth season was whether or not humanity could share the one fertile piece of land left: Shallow Valley. For every apocalyptic event that happened, the rest of the human race struggled to adapt and find a new home. 

    Though Octavia and the others are stuck in the Anomaly, the group learns that the Disciples have it wrong, and the last war is actually a last test a final judgment that will supposedly grant the human race ‘transcendence’ which they should pass. With Clarke’s dark past as Wanheda, AKA the Commander of Death, it should be no surprise that she fails the test.

    In the final scene of the series, Clarke appears on Earth to live out the rest of her days on her own. As she approaches a nearby beach, she comes across a surprising sight. It turns out many of her friends decide not to transcend, staying on Earth with Clarke in their own little paradise.

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    Was The Series Canceled?

    In May 2020, Jason Rothenberg told Collider that ‘The 100‘ season seven was the right time to finally end the series: “It’s a long time to be telling the story of one group of characters. We also didn’t want to overstay our welcome and be a show that was making episodes into Season 10 and 12, and beyond, just to do it.” He also said that the studio would have allowed them to continue into season eight if he desired, but the seventh season already felt like a long time to tell a story about one group of people and that’s why going out with season seven simply felt right. Rothenberg further added that the finale was incredibly close to what he envisioned from the get-go. 

    Season seven of ‘The 100‘ was largely considered to be a polarizing season among fans, especially when it came to Raven and Clarke’s story. With the series finale, Rothenberg was able to get his message across to the audience. Humanity is messy, but there is always room for improvement and a second chance. He was able to end ‘The 100‘ essentially the way he always envisioned. The show is available on Netflix.

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