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    Will ‘The 100’ Return For Season 8?

    The 100‘ is a post-apocalyptic drama series on Netflix, which dropped its final episode on 30 September 2020. By the end of the seventh season, the show completed 100 episodes. It is adapted from the adult novel series written by Kass Morgan. With the successful end of the seventh season, fans are expecting the showrunners to drop the next season. But will it happen?

    The 100′ is a science-fiction drama that follows the post-apocalyptic survivors from a space habit, The Ark, who return to earth after almost a century after devasting a nuclear apocalypse. The show stars Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell, Bob Morley, and Devon Bostick in the lead roles.

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    Is ‘The 100’ Season 8 Happening?

    After leaving fans excited with the end of the seventh season, there’s more to be desired. Sadly, ‘The 100‘ is not renewing for season eight. The series follows a group of delinquents who are sent down to Earth to see if the environment is survivable or not. Almost after a century, for the first time, humans return to planet Earth, only to realize that they are not alone. The TV show bears similarities to an earlier series ‘Tribe‘. But ‘The 100‘ is a much darker version of the ‘Tribe‘, which targeted kids and teenagers.

    In an interview with Deadline, the series creator Jason Rothenberg stated that he and his writers were preparing to terminate the program after season seven for several years. He also said, “Once it started to seem like it was in it for the long haul. We didn’t feel too sure about that ending until approximately the end of season five.”

    In the end, Clarke fails the test of transcendence, which means giving up your corporeal body and accepting to be a part of the collective hive mind of an alien bunch. However, Clarke’s friends stay back for her. Those left on Earth besides her in the end are Octavia, Raven, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Nylah, Hope, Jordan, Levitt, Miller and Jackson.

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    Does The Show Have A Spin-Off?

    Heartbroken with the news that ‘The 100‘ will not be back with season eight, fans had an iota of hope for a series spin-off. In 2019, Rothenberg also began developing a prequel for ‘The 100‘ that was to take place 97 years before the actual series of events in which the nuclear apocalypse erases human existence from the face of the earth. The series would have followed a group of survivors as they learned how to cope with the aftermath of the apocalypse and create a new society on the grounds of the old one.

    On November 5, 2021, a year after the episode aired, it was reported that the series wasn’t approved. It was reported that The CW had decided not to move forward with the prequel series. The series was to star Iola Evans as Callie, Adain Bradley as Reese, and Leo Howard as August. 

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