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    Top 5 Dystopian New World Shows To Watch Now

    Are you bored out of your mind watching those same stories with different name dramedies and in need of a gripping thriller? Well, you are in the right place if the upturn of the old world is your favorite plotline. 

    The world has gone to hell and there are new rules to be written. Every day is a fight for survival in a new world that still holds the secrets from the old one. With each end you find the door to the next one, does that sound like your kind of trip? If yes then we call all ‘The Hunger Games’ fans to gather, we are about to dive into the details of the next five adventures you can binge on. 

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    1. The 100

    'The 100' (Image: Netflix)
    ‘The 100’ (Image: Netflix)

    The 100’ catapults you into a post-apocalyptic world where Earth becomes the battleground for survival after a nuclear catastrophe. The last of the living tries to avoid extinction by huddling on a space station. The twist? Humanity in space is running out of time and in a last attempt to return home a hundred delinquent teens are sent back to Earth to check if it’s habitable again.

    Oh, but the show is not just about survival in the wilderness, it’s a dramatic dive into the moral dilemma of teenagers who have spent all their lives in a spacecraft. This seven-season dystopian drama evolves into the mysteries leading back to the start. If a fight to survival and find family is your weekend mood, then this is your next adventure.  

    2. The Handmaid’s Tale

    'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 5
    ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

    Divided by a thin thread from reality, this adaptation of ‘Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel is one contemplating experience. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is what could be the future of the world if it stays blinded by the beliefs of a patriarchal society disguised by faith. This gripping thriller is set in a world where fertility has become a rare commodity. The series shows the totalitarian theocracy of a new nation Gilead where women are stripped of their human rights and reduced to just being reproductive vessels.

    This five-part series follows the story of June Osbourne, a mother being parted from her daughter and turned into a Handmaid. It’s a cocktail of gender wars, power struggles, and rebellion that holds the promise of revenge. The Hulu original series is expected to come with its sixth and final season next year so to get a full Handmaid’s experience, we suggest you start now. 

    3. Colony

    Colony (Image: Netflix)
    Colony (Image: Netflix)

    If you are sick of all the unrealistic dramas romanticizing alien invasions then this one might hit the spot. ‘Colony’ flips the script on Los Angeles, turning it into an occupied zone ruled by extraterrestrial overlords. As survivors navigate the ruins of their city, alliances shift, and every day is a fight for freedom. The show’s strength doesn’t just lie in its dystopian atmosphere but also its unpredictability.

    The series follows the struggles of a former detective fighting the system to carve a better life for his family, not knowing that there is no better left. ‘The Walking Dead’ star Sarah Wayne Callies starrer where her maternal instincts take over the fear of the enemy. 

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    4. 3%

    '3%' (Image: Netflix)
    ‘3%’ (Image: Netflix)

    An average person’s hell is what the world of ‘3%’ is. This Brazilian New World show invites you to a future where only 3% of candidates make it to a utopian offshore paradise. The catch? You have to go through an intense screening that will push your physical and moral limits to a point where you will question if the utopia is even worth it. This thriller isn’t just about survival, it’s a thought-provoking journey of the height of ambition.

    The show’s brilliance lies in its exploration of the human psyche under extreme circumstances. As candidates face moral dilemmas in a competition that determines the quality of their lives, the ethical compass starts to go fragile. This four-season thriller series is a psychological experiment that challenges the very essence of human nature.

    5. Black Night

    Black Night (Image: Netflix)
    Black Night (Image: Netflix)

    A world too polluted to breathe in? Another imaginary disaster walking pretty close to reality. This South Korean Netflix original is set in the futuristic landscape of 2071 where an asteroid crash has escalated the damnation of the world. The aftermath of the cataclysmic event is a world where the air itself has turned toxic, resulting in an extrovert’s worst nightmare, 24-hour quarantine. 

    Now to ensure the survival of the different classes we have Knights. They are a group of well-trained and carefully picked delivery drivers one of whom is our hero Kim Woo-bin. The webtoon-based thriller series is not on the nose of survival but is an elaborate tale of political injustice.

    Normal is overrated, check out these five dystopian wonders that offer a front-row seat to chaos and a backstage pass to survival. So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite dystopian couch fort, and let the b*nge-watching begin. After all, in these new worlds, the only rule is that there are no rules.

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