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    ‘The Bear’ Season 3 Introduces Several Surprise Guest Stars, From John Cena To Bradley Cooper

    Christopher Storer’s FX series The Bear’ has returned with a third season. The series has received critical acclaim and has a big fan following. The FX series does have a weird title considering it’s a show about chefs but it is known for its roster of surprise celebrity appearances other than a commendable cast and an impressive storyline.

    With every new season, the series brings in some unexpected cast additions. In season one, it was Jon Bernthal. Season two was no different. Keeping up the tradition, season 3 has also introduced a barrage of celebrity cameos in the third season. Here’s everyone the viewers can expect.

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    Who Are The New Faces In Season 3 Of ‘The Bear’?

    John Cena in 'The Bear'
    John Cena in ‘The Bear’

    The third season of ‘The Beardropped on July 26, and fans cannot keep calm with the brilliance it has once again brought to the screens. Other than an impressive story arc, the award winning series has introduced some new and unexpected celebrity faces in the third season as well.

    Viewers can expect to see big names including Josh Hartnett, John Cena, David Zayas and Brian Koppelman in unexpected roles. The first face to pop up in season 3 is Josh Hartnett who appeared in episode 4. The ‘Pearl Harbour’ star appears as Frank. He is Richie’s ex-wife Tiffany’s new fiancé. Hartnett is charming as usual and is winning hearts here as well.

    Next comes John Cena. The actor and professional wrestler appears as the other Faks brother, Sammy. His character is going to be a handful as is evident from the others reactions. Sammy is intimidating and loves to haunt his family. 

    The next shocking casting is of David Zayas’. The ‘Dexter’ star has spun magic on screen after his appearance in episode 6. Zayas is seen on screen as David, Tina’s loving husband. In sweeping flashbacks we see how she  first came to work at the Beef when she hit rock bottom.

    Screenwriter and showrunner Brian Koppelman has also made a surprise appearance in episodes 5 and 9. Koppelman plays Nicholas ‘The Computer’ Marshall who is Uncle Jimmy’s family friend.

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    'The Bear' season 3
    ‘The Bear’ season 3

    ‘The Bear’ tells the story of Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, an award-winning chef. He returns from New York to manage his late brother’s chaotic and failing sandwich shop The Beef. So the show never fails to surprise the audience with real faces of the culinary celebrities. Season 3 saw Daniel Boulud, René Redzepi, Thomas Keller — all highly established celebrity chefs. 

    The finale of the series had quite a few celebrity chef appearances. Alinea chef Grant Achatz, Elske pastry chef Anna Posey, Kasama chef Genie Kwon, Boka Restaurant Group head Kevin Boehm and Sanchez’s Rosio Sanchez all had guest appearances in the series. Apart from that Milkbar CEO Christina Tosi, Noma pastry chef Malcolm Livingston II, wd-50 chef Wylie Dufresne, and Make It Nice hospitality group co-owner Will Guidara were also featured on the show. 

    Although chefs Alice Waters and Marcella Hazan did not feature on the show as guest appearances, they are the inspiration behind Terry played by Olivia Colman. Her screen time is short but her character makes a big impact with an exceptional story of a female entrepreneur.

    The most exciting guest appearance has to be of Bradley Cooper’s. You would miss him if you in a blink of an eye. Cooper is shown during a montage in a photograph. This is a nod to his 2015 movie ‘Burnt’ where he played Michelin star chef Adam Jones. A multiverse of chef universes indeed!

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