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    ‘The Boys’ Season 4: Who Is The Shape Shifter?

    The latest episode of Amazon Prime’s hit series ‘The Boys‘ left viewers with a major cliffhanger involving a new mysterious supe, Shape Shifter. Episode 7 introduced a new supe tasked with the assassination of the president-elect.

    By the end of the episode, this supe had taken on a new form that sets the stage for the finale. Let’s break down who this new super is and what their introduction means.

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    Who Is Shape Shifter?

    'The Boys' introduces shapeshifter
    ‘The Boys’ introduces shapeshifter

    Fans don’t know much about the new supe’s origin or backstory. However, the code name “Shape Shifter” by the characters, this Supe has the ability to take on the physical form of anyone they touch. However, this power comes at a cost as they must peel their own skin away to form another.

    Shape Shifter was first seen trapped in an apartment, hiding from Butcher, Starlight, and Hughie in Episode 7. They lashed out with a knife, revealing their identity after shifting into someone else to escape the building. This makes it clear that Vought or Neuman hired the Supe to eliminate the president-elect.

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    What Does This Mean For The Season Finale?

    A still from 'The Boys'
    A still from ‘The Boys’

    By the end of the episode, fans received the biggest shock of all from Shape Shifter. After taking Starlight hostage, the supe had transformed into her double. Now, masquerading as Annie, there’s no telling what chaos Shape Shifter could cause unless as a mole within ‘The Boys‘ themselves.

    With only the season finale left, it’s certain that this new characters inclusion sets the stage for an intense final confrontation. Not only do The Boys have to track down Annie, but they also have to identify an imposter in plain sight. Shape Shifter’s debut in Episode 7 paves the way for one of its most suspenseful conclusion yet

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