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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Did Amazon Suspend The Show’s Rating Due To Negative Reviews?

    The Rings of Power‘ also known as ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerrecently premiered on Amazon Prime. The response has been mostly mixed, but critics have praised the show’s visuals. It is based on the appendices of English writer J. R. R. Tolkien.

    But Amazon’s billion-dollar mega project is under fire after two of its episodes were released. The show has only a 37 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The complaint is mostly about its lack of diversity. Now Amazon has simply suspended its reviews.

    Amazon Suspends Reviews For ‘The Rings Of Power’

    The Rings of Power

    The Rings of Power‘ is easily the biggest project under Amazon Prime’s bucket. The five-season mega project is worth at least US$1 billion. But reviews haven’t been good so far on online platforms.

    The show has so far received an average audience score of 37 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews on Amazon have been outright suspended after this. This is in contrast with the TV rating which is very fresh at 83 percent.

    The first two episodes have been well received by critics and the audience but the Rotten Tomatoes scores seem a bit odd and look like a case of review bombing.

    Review bombing is a phenomenon when a large group of online users post negative reviews for a product or service. This is mostly politically or socially motivated rather than its actual quality. But there has been some genuine criticism for its lack of diversity.

    Marvel’s She-Hulk was also review bombed on Rotten Tomatoes, with 88 percent critics score and a 36 percent audience score.

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    What Is The Budget Of The Show?

    The Rings Of Power

    The budget of the entire series is around $1 billion and is planned for five seasons. Amazon bought the television rights to the Lord of the Rings for $250 million in 2017.

    With such a staggering production budget, the Tolkien adaptation has become the most expensive television show of all time. The studio has spent $450 million just on the first season alone.

    Most of the money has been spent reportedly on infrastructure like building sets, which will be used for forthcoming seasons.

    The amount and the scale of the show have eclipsed HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones.’ We can hope that the rest of the reason is well received. Filming for the second season is expected to start in October.

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