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    ‘The Vampire Diaries Cast’: Where Are The Actors And How Do They Look Now?

    2009 saw the debut of Fantasy Classic ‘The Vampire Diaries‘, taking viewers into the supernatural realm of Mystic Falls. For eight years, the supernatural stories of vampires, witches, and humans involved in complicated relationships captured fans. 

    The CW show ran for eight seasons before ending in 2017. Yet with the end of TVD begin so many other stories. Let’s look deeper into what the mythical people of Mystic Falls have been up to all this time.

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    ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Update

    Ian Somerhalder: Beyond Mystic Falls

    William’s portrayal as the charismatic Damon Salvatore has catapulted Ian True Somerhalder to new and fresh roles such as that of Luther Swann, a vampire research physician in ‘V-Wars‘; he also produces this series. 

    His ventures included hosting ‘Good Mythical Morning’ and starring in ‘Time Framed’. In 2020, Somerhalder, along with his on-screen brother Paul Wesley, owned Brother’s Bond Bourbon. Off-screen, the personal life of Somerhalder blossomed. He married Nikki Reed the Vampire from Twilight in 2015 and had a daughter Bodhi. Later on, they completed the family with a son in June 2023. 

    Paul Wesley: Directing, Producing, And Captain Kirk

    After portraying Stefan Salvatore, He directed the short film ‘Aliens’ and played Tucker Reed in ‘Tell Me a Story’. Wesley also works on making movies and shorts, such as Ashmina and Anna; he directed episodes of ‘Legacies Batwoman’. In 2022, he joined ‘Star Trek: Strange Worlds‘ as Captain Kirk.

    Wesley has also witnessed changes in his personal life, such as his re-marriage to Natalie Kuckenburg in 2022 after splitting up with Ines de Ramon in the same year.

    Nina Dobrev: Acting And Producing

    Nina Dobrev played the roles of Elena Gilbert and her doppelganger Katherine Pierce until she left the series in 2015 and returned to perform during the finale season. However, she had a great acting career in ‘Flatliners, Dog Days’, ‘Run This Town’, and ‘Lucky Day’. Dobrev is going to be one of the producers of the upcoming film ‘Sick Girl’.

    Dobrev has been romantically involved with snowboarder Shaun White since February 2020. In 2021, she also went into business with Julianne Hough, forming ‘Fresh Vine Wine’, a collection of low-calorie wines.

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    Candice Accola: From Vampire To Podcast Host

    Candice Accola, who played the character Caroline Forbes in ‘The Originals‘, also starred in ‘Splitting the Bill‘ and ‘After We Collided‘. In 2018, she teamed up with former Vampire Diaries co-star Kayla Ewell to start the ‘Directionally Challenged‘ podcast. In 2022, Accola reappeared in the last episode of the ‘Legacies series as Caroline Forbes-Salvatore.

    2014 saw changes in her personal life as she divorced Joe King of The Fray in April 2022. A new page was turned on December 20, 2023, when Accola announced her romance with Steven Krueger through Instagram.

    Kat Graham: Witchcraft, Music, And Love

    Witch Bonnie Bennett, portrayed by Kat Graham, appeared in ‘Love in the Villa’, ‘All Eyes on Me’, ‘The Holiday Calendar’, and ‘Cut Throat City’. In 2021, she continued her music journey, releasing new tracks such as ‘Swim’ in August of that year.

    According to Us Magazine following a two-year engagement, Graham and fiancé Cottrell Guidry broke up in December 2014. In 2017, she parted ways with producer and director Darren Genet. The couple allegedly got engaged in April 2022 while vacationing in Mexico, according to Us, but they eventually called it quits a year later. It has been stated that in October 2023, Graham wed Bryant Wood.

    Zach Roerig: Mystic Falls And Beyond Human

    One of the few humans in Mystic Falls was Zach Roerig’s character, Matt Donovan. Roerig appeared in ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ spinoffs after The Post-Vampire Diaries. He also portrayed ‘Sarge Will Mosley’ in USA Network’s ‘Dare Me’.

    2013 saw Roerig’s personal life in the spotlight after he filed for sole custody of his daughter, Fiona. He was eventually awarded custody.

    Steven R. McQueen: Gilbert’s Evolution And Charity Work

    Steven R. McQueen portrayed Elena’s brother, Jeremy Gilbert, and played Jimmy Borelli on ‘Chicago Fire’ before appearing in ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ series finale as well as reprising his role in ‘Legacies’. McQueen participated in charitable activities where he volunteered for ‘Smile Train’, ‘TECHO’, ‘Thirst Project’, and ‘Echoes of Hope’.

    Matthew Davis: From Alaric To Legacies

    Alaric Saltzman, a history teacher and vampire hunter portrayed by Matthew Davis, was also featured in ‘The Originals’ and played on TVD’s spinoff ‘Legacies’ for four seasons.

     Davis had also appeared in Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses. He married Kiley Casciano in 2018. In March of 2020, the couple welcomed their first child, Ripley.

    Joseph Morgan: From Klaus To New Horizons

    British actor Joseph Morgan starred in ‘The Originals’ as the original vampire Klaus Mikaelson. Morgan directed, produced, and wrote the short films Carousel and Revelation, besides acting. In 2022, he also played CJACK60 on Brave New World.

    Morgan’s love life update includes his marriage to actress Persia White in 2014 and how he was a global ambassador for Positive Women.

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