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    Top 10 Worst Shows of 2023

    As the year-end is nearing, everyone is looking back at the good things that the year gave them. While we have already curated the list of shows that we thought broke records in terms of how fulfilling they were, we think it’s also important to look at the ones that were an absolute disappointment.

    It is not new for a TV buff to have a lot of expectations from a TV show only to find it is not up to the mark. And we know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of it. Wouldn’t it be nice if the viewers could curate their expectations from TV shows based on some rationale? This list of worst shows of 2023 just might help viewers do that.

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    10. ‘Citadel’


    Citadel’ was a high-budget and star-studded affair that many were looking forward to. Despite having a star cast including Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Richard Madden, and Stanley Tucci, along with a whopping $300 million budget, the spy drama could not deliver what it seemed to have promised. It largely fell victim to creative differences behind the scenes. The chemistry between Priyanka and Madden also seems to have failed the viewers.

    9. ‘The Crowded Room’

    The Crowded Room

    This Apple TV+ show with a grand cast including Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, and Emmy Rossum had a lot of expectations riding on it — perhaps because of the stellar cast. Inspired by a 1981 non-fiction tome, the show had 10 episodes. However, it turned out to be a painfully overlong drama that could not satisfy its viewers.

    8. ‘Velma’


    Next on the list is Max’s Scooby-Doo reboot ‘Velma‘. A brainchild of Mindy Kaling, the show was looked forward to by many as it delved into the much-loved world of the Scooby-Doo universe. Kaling tried her best to bring humor to the adult animation realm. However, viewers and critics have deemed the show as cynical and self-referential, contradictory to the clever and subversive that the original Scooby-Doo was.

    7. ‘The Flash’

    The Flash

    Though ‘The Flash’ boasts of being the longest-running Arrowverse series, its farewell was disappointing for many. The final season seems to have struggled to recapture its former glory. Many claimed that the finale had underwhelming storylines, a pointless bottle episode, and an unnecessary Supergirl crossover.

    6. ‘Big Brother’

    Big Brother

    The CBS show ‘Big Brother‘ completed its 25th cycle this year. But what was supposed to be a milestone season for the show, became a massive letdown for the viewers. Though the show makers tried to add several twists to the show, they did not seem to be leading anywhere. The evictions were reversed, and to add to it was a monochromatic zombie episode that raised huge question marks on the show’s direction. The 100-day season, unlike what was expected, turned out to be a colossal disappointment.

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    5. ‘Alert: Missing Persons Unit’

    Alert: Missing Persons Unit

    A Fox production, this show left the viewers wondering what they were watching, largely because of the show’s tonal inconsistencies. It seemed to oscillate heavily with grave scenes one minute and very dicey ones the very next moment. There was no concrete footing to the show, and the plots were plain illogical.

    4. ‘FUBAR’


    The Netflix show introduced Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the small screen — perhaps the reason why many expected it to be a good piece of entertainment. However, it proved to be nothing more than a loud and dumb series, that led to viewers’ disappointment. The violence and one-liners on the show were sheepish.

    3. ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

    Fear the Walking Dead

    Fear the Walking Dead‘, which once used to be a promising drama, just boiled down to mediocrity with the new season. The show’s characters randomly changed motivations and the plot twists never made sense. The dialogues and catchphrases were repetitive.

    2. ‘Secret Invasion’

    Secret Invasion

    The Marvel series was not just a matter of disappointment, but also made many furious about how the characters on the show were treated. The show’s plot seemed to be directionless. The six-episode show was something that the Marvel fans were highly anticipating. However, most viewers were left with nothing other than the regret of having wasted so much time on it.

    1. ‘The Idol’

    The Idol

    HBO’s showbiz drama, ‘The Idol‘ tops the list of the worst shows of the year. Though Sam Levinson tried extremely hard to portray a takedown of the music industry, he fell flat on his face with this show. The show had clichés and unnecessary funny dialogues that just made it difficult to watch. The Weeknd’s performance as Tedros was cringeworthy, to say the least.

    As we enter the new year, the viewers are just left hoping not to stumble upon shows that have anything in common with the above-mentioned worst shows of the year.

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