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    “There’s Still Very Much A Desire To Finish It”: ‘Westworld’ Co-creator Jonathan Nolan Intends To Bring The Show Back For Season 5 Despite Cancelation

    At the time of its release Jonathan Nolan’sWestworldgarnered a huge fan base over its completely new and different approach to a sci-fi show. However, ever since then, it has been on a decline as fans claim that the series only went downhill after season 1.

    The fans of the show finally have some good news to look upon as the creator of the series Jonathan Nolan shared his intentions about the show. Nolan, while talking to The Hollywood Reporter, was asked about his intentions towards giving ‘Westworld’ the intended ending.

    He explained that he was determined to give the show a proper conclusion and how proud he was of the show. “Yes. 100 percent. We’re completionists. It took me eight years and a change of director to get Interstellar made. We’d like to finish the story we started. I’m so f—ing proud of what we made. It was an extraordinary experience.”

    Nolan further talked about his desire to finish the show despite how it ended. “I think it would be a mistake to look back and only feel regret over how it ended. But there’s still very much a desire to finish it… If you get a chance to go again, then great. If the lesson was to ease back on the complexity or the weirdness of something, I don’t want to learn that lesson.”

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    Why Was Jonathan Nolan’s ‘Westworld’ Canceled?

    A still from Jonathan Nolan's Westworld
    A still from Jonathan Nolan’s Westworld

    While being loved by the audience at first ‘Westworld‘ was labeled as ‘boring and confusing’ for the next two seasons by the fans. The show has 3 seasons in total and despite the declining reviews it still holds an 8.5/10 on IMDB and 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

    However, the declining reviews and viewers eventually got to the showrunners who canceled the show’s season 4. The first season had around 12 million viewers. However, the last season managed only 4 million. So, With the huge budget of 160 million and the show’s viewership constantly declining the cancellation was inevitable. 

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