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    What Was The Duggar Family Scandal? Prime Video Docuseries To Expose Their ‘Cult’ Secrets

    One of the most famous reality television series is about the Duggar family and their 19 children. However, allegations against Michelle Duggar have been made in the past as well. But these allegations have never been proven. This time, Prime Video is bringing a docu-series about the Duggar family. 

    Will the secrets of the family be revealed in the docu-series? The series is titled ‘Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets’. Let’s dive deeper into the details.

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    What Is The Duggar Family Scandal?

    Jill Duggar Dillard in the docuseries

    The Duggar family was once a very popular and beloved TLC show. Viewers enjoyed watching Michelle Duggar and her 19 children on screen. However, things went south when the family got associated with a radical religious organization, the Institute in Basic Life Principles. 

    After becoming an active part of this organization, the family got negatively impacted by the beliefs. Many have compared IBLP with the fictional series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘. And they say that the institute treats women in a similar fashion. 

    A new trailer of the docu-series features Jill (Duggar) Dillard, Derick Dillard, and Amy (Duggar) King. Jill and Amy are the oldest daughters of the Duggar family. And Jill recalls that the impact of IBLP has been in the family for as long as she can remember.

    Another massive scandal involving the family is related to Josh Duggar. He has been accused of molestation and possession of child pornography. Josh was found guilty of these charges. The most disgusting part is that Josh molested two of his own sisters, Jill and Jessa. 

    The docu-series also claims that this is not just about the Duggar family. The series aims at unfolding all the dark secrets of the IBLP. We also see an ex-IBLP member talking about their experience at the cult. They said, “The IBLP teachings aren’t Christianity. They’re something entirely different.” Jill Duggar tells the story of the Duggar family controversies and the truth behind the cult. 

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    More About The Duggar Family

    The Duggar Family

    Michelle and Jim Bob got married in July of 1984. Although they used contraception at first but after Michelle had a miscarriage they decided to let God set the path. And so the Duggars ended up having 19 children. They currently live in Tontitown in Arkansas. 

    The reason for having so many children is also because of their Fundamental Baptist beliefs that are against contraception. 

    The Duggars went on to do two reality television series. Their TLC show ‘19 Kids And Counting‘ received a lot of popularity and viewers adored it. So a sequel was released titled ‘Counting On‘. But soon the family got involved in a number of controversies. 

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