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    ‘White Collar’ Reboot Is Officially Happening With Matt Bomer And Tim DeKay

    ‘White Collar’ received a lot of popularity for being engaging and with a slick screenplay. It revolves around Tim DeKay’s FBI Special Agent Peter Burke collaborating with Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey as a criminal informant. Seeing its popularity, the makers decided to bring a reboot after the show ended in 2014.

    We will get to see Matt Bomer in an FBI suit again. The creator of the show announced that they are working on the script and a reboot of the show with the same cast members.

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    Matt Bomer And Tim DeKay Are Excited About ‘White Collar’ Reboot

    White Collar
    White Collar

    White Collar’ fans will be able to watch the new episodes of the series soon. The creator of the show, Jeff Eastin revealed at Variety‘s TV Fest that a reboot of the show is in the working. He said, “We’re gonna reboot. I’m writing the script.” 

    The discussion took place during a panel including Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, and Tiffany Thiessen. Moreover, Bomer confirmed his involvement in the reboot, with “I’m in!”, meanwhile DeKay and Thiessen raised their hands.

    Dekay continued, “It’s a fantastic script and it answers all the questions that one would have if you watch the show, and it would introduce the show to those who haven’t seen it as well. Both edges of the sword are honed.”

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    The Series Will Honor Late Actor Willie Garson

    Willie Garson, Matt Bomer, Tim Dekay and
    Willie Garson, Matt Bomer, Tim Dekay and Tiffani Thiessen

    Willie Garson, who played the role of Mozzie in ‘White Collar’ died in 2021. The show shall honor him and will be better than the previous one. Cast member Tim Dekay said, “It honors Willie, too, in a profound way.”

    “With such sensitivity and such heart,” Thiessen added. He continued, “I told Jeff after I finished it, I literally was so excited, but at the same time had tears in my eyes — for good reason. You captured the suspense, the thrill, the characters and the love in that reboot.

    The previous part was released on NBC Universal but now it seems that the reboot might be released on Hulu. To which Dekay replied, “The hope is that it will be a particular streamer.”

    Moreover, Eastin didn’t reveal anything about the plot and details about it. But also he left the series ending open-ended, for future purposes.

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