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    Why Did ‘Gilmore Girls’ Actor Scott Patterson Feel OBJECTIFIED On The Set?

    Gilmore Girls‘, the famous American comedy-drama is a comfort show for many young adults and adults. The show was created by the six-time Emmy award winner Amy Sherman-Palladino. The cast includes many well-known personalities including Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Melissa McCarthy, and Scott Patterson.

    Even after a decade, the show still trends on Netflix every other month. Scott Patterson, who played the diner owner Luke Danes in the series, is now re-watching the show for his podcast ‘I Am All In’. He shared in his podcast that in one of the episodes he felt uncomfortable and ‘objectified’.

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    The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Butt Scene That Made Scott Patterson Uncomfortable

    The cast of ‘Gilmore Girls’ TV show

    The season three episode of ‘Gilmore Girls‘ that aired on April 2003 and is now streaming on Netflix, till date traumatizes Scott Patterson. In his podcast ‘I’m All In’, Patterson shared that when he had to shoot the episode titled “Keg! Max!”, he felt uncomfortable. The scene in particular focused on the characters Lorelai Gilmore, Sookie St James, and Luke Danes.

    In the scene, Sookie St James accidentally caresses the ‘back‘ of Luke Danes. After the incident, she discusses it with Lorelai Gilmore and both make fun of Danes’ ‘butt‘. Sookie tells Lorelai, It’s got a nice shape to it.”. Danes, on the other hand, feels frustrated upon the comment and tells the duo to stop talking about it, saying, ”It’s in bad taste”.

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    It’s Just As Disgusting For Women To Objectify Men”: Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson revealed how he felt on the day of the scene after re-watching the uneasy episode, “It made me feel really embarrassed actually. It’s infuriating to be treated that way — it is infuriating. Because you’re being treated like an object. And it’s disturbing, and it’s disgusting, and I had to endure that through that entire scene and many takes.”

    In addition to saying how he felt, the actor also took a dig at the creator of the show. He said, “This is how the creator of that show sees that character” and “that you can humiliate him and take away his dignity that entire scene and that’s OK.” Patterson believes that although the show aired in 2003, it does not mean that the objectification should be washed off and it is not “OK“. He established, “It’s as disgusting for women to objectify men as it is for men to objectify women, and it’s as harmful,” he continued, “And I never said anything, so I was angry at myself for never saying anything. But I had this job, and I didn’t want to make waves and all that.”

    It is not just Patterson who has called out the show. Keiko Agena who played Lane Kim, also felt that her perspective on her character changed over time. On Entertainment Tonight, Agena shared that she “[wishes] something better for her” today.

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