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    Why Did Netflix Cancel ‘Resident Evil’ Despite Decent Ratings?

    Resident Evil‘ was released last month on Netflix amidst a lot of buzzes. The action horror series is loosely based on Capcom’s video game of the same name. Despite being inspired by the game, it was set in a different universe. Created by Andrew Dabb, the show is the second television adaptation of the franchise.

    Upon release, ‘Resident Evil‘ met with mostly mixed to negative reviews from critics. But the viewership of the show initially was really impressive. Now it has been reported that Netflix has decided to cancel the show after one season. The reason might have something to do with its critical reception.

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    Netflix Cancels ‘Resident Evil’ After One Season

    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil

    Netflix has canceled the action-horror series ‘Resident Evil‘ after a single season. The show, which premiered on July 14, received mostly mixed reviews from critics.

    According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the first live-action series in the entire franchise has come to an end.

    The management came to a conclusion after both the streamer’s own metrics and external measurements showed the series “didn’t have a long shelf life with viewers.”

    It opened to good numbers by both Netflix’s public rankings (72.7 million hours viewed worldwide in its first week) and Nielsen’s streaming measurement (858 million minutes, or 14.3 million hours, in the US. But saw a dip in the event weeks.

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    The Show Dethroned ‘Stranger Things’ To Become Number One Title On Netflix

    Stranger Things 4 & Resident Evil
    Stranger Things 4 & Resident Evil

    The show had topped the chart for the streaming universe. The video game adaptation became the most viewed show on Netflix, eclipsing the fourth season of the sci-fi horror show ‘Stranger Things’. This was despite not receiving favorable reviews.

    It currently has a 55% Critics Score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 27% Audience Score. In contrast, ‘Stranger Things‘ season 4 has an 89% Critics and Audience score.

    While the critics praised the action sequences, the storyline pacing and deviation from the source material weren’t well received.

    However, the viewership of the show saw a dip in the last week of July. There was a decline of 62 percent in Netflix’s measure; it fell off Nielsen’s top 10 original streaming series chart.

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