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    Asta Vs Lucius Zogratis: Who Will Win In A Fight?

    The manga of ‘Black Clover’ has recently come back from a hiatus. The manga has revealed some very shocking things and that has the fans hooked on it. One character that the manga introduced was Lucius Zogratis. Like Asta, he is a devil host and extremely powerful. 

    Fans are curious whether the magic-negating swords and abilities Asta possesses would be able to defeat the soul and time magic Lucius possesses. Read to find out who would win in a battle between Asta and Lucius. 

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    Who Are Asta And Lucius?

    Lucius and Asta
    Lucius and Asta

    Asta is the protagonist of ‘Black Clover’ and is a member of the Black Bulls. Asta was born without any magic power of his own which crushed his dreams of becoming the wizard king. He does however possess the anti-magic devil, Liebe which grants him the ability to negate all forms of magic. Asta received a five-clover grimoire from which he received swords that were capable of deflecting magic. This makes him one of the strongest characters in ‘Black Clover’

    Lucius Zogratis is the oldest Zogratis siblings. His three other siblings make up the dark triad of the spade Kingdom. In a shocking revelation, the manga revealed that Lucius Zogratis was Julius Novachrono, the presumed to be dead wizard king of the clover kingdom. Julius has two personalities, one being him and the other being Lucius. Lucius disguised himself and worked his way up from the bottom to become the wizard king. Lucius possesses the time devil, Astaroth, and has two mana types. He has both soul magic and time magic. He also consumed parts of Lucifero, the devil king, and can now use gravity magic. 

    Who Will Win In A Fight?

    Asta vs Lucius
    Asta vs Lucius

    Asta possesses the anti-magic devil, which means he can negate any kind of magic. Lucius possesses three kinds of magic. Lucius considers Asta to be an anomaly and wishes to eliminate him. Whilst that fight is still in the future, in a hypothetical fight, Lucius would win against Asta. 

    Whilst Asta has become undeniably stronger, he still cannot defeat Lucius. Lucius has three kinds of magic. Lucius can defeat Asta. Whilst the soul manipulation magic may not work on Asta, the time magic might. As was shown in the anime ‘Black Clover’, Julius could manipulate the time of the entire clover kingdom. Lucius is stronger than his other personality and would be able to manipulate time better than Julius. 

    In addition to that, Lucius can easily hurt the people Asta holds dear. His gravity magic will also help him in fighting Asta. Due to Astaroth’s time magic, Lucius can also predict attacks. Due to all of his abilities, Lucius can easily defeat Asta and Liebe.

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