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    Bleach TYBW: Can Ichigo Kurosaki Surpass Yhwach?

    The last arc of the Bleach manga, the Thousand Year Blood War Arc has been recently anime adapted. The anime started airing in October 2022 and the final number of episodes remains unknown. Only a handful of the episodes have been released but those episodes alone have garnered a huge fan following.

    After Yamamoto, the head captain of the Gotei 13 was defeated by Ywach in episodes 6 and 7, the fans are curious about whether Ichigo will be able to defeat a person that the strongest Shinigami himself couldn’t. The one advantage Ichigo has is that his Bankai can’t be stolen by Ywach or his allies. Let’s find out whether Ichigo can surpass Ywach.

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    Who Is Ywach?

    Ywach and Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ywach and Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ywach is the father of the Quincy and is the emperor of the Wandenreich. He is an extremely tall man with a long face and visible cheekbones. He also has a very long mustache and shoulder-length black hair.

    Personality wise Ywach is quite complicated. He has a strong dislike for the terms justice and honor. He also treats his subordinates like they are indispensable regardless of their strength. This was proven during his final battle with Ichigo when he killed two of his most elite subordinates to protect himself.

    Ywach used to greatly admire Yamamoto Shigekuni, the former head captain of the Gotei 13 a thousand years ago. He hates infighting amongst his subordinates and is extremely against bling loyalty or faith. This is why he was quite happy when his subordinates questioned his choice of successor.

    Power-wise Ywach may be the strongest character in the entirety of Bleach. He has an ability called the almighty which allows him to see and change the future. The only way this ability can be stopped is if he is injected with still silver, which in itself is a difficult task as he can foresee all the attacks coming towards him.

    Can Ichigo Surpass Ywach?

    Ywach and Ichigo fighting
    Ywach and Ichigo fighting

    The simple answer to this question is yes. Ichigo can surpass Ywach if his powers are cultivated and utilized properly. After his initial confrontation with Ywach, Ichigo undergoes training and finds a balance between his hollow and Quincy forces.

    After he finds that balance, he merges them which significantly increases his power. He was even able to find head-to-head with Ywach with his almighty and even after he absorbed the soul king. It is Ichigo’s great power and potential that made Ywach wary of him and name him a special war power. He was harmed by Ichigo’s Getsuga Tenshou attack even after being this strong. This just proves that Ichigo can surpass Ywach at some point.

    At the end of his final battle with Ichigo, Ywach was so scared of Ichigo’s true Bankai that he didn’t even allow him to be hit. However, despite Ichigo being this strong and Ywach’s obvious wariness of him, he couldn’t have won without Aizen and Ishida.

    It was both of their assistance that allowed Ichigo to defeat Ywach. In addition to them, Orihime also played a great role in the anime when she protected Ichigo multiple times with her abilities. But at the end of the manga and by extension the anime, Ichigo can and will ultimately surpass Ywach.

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