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    ‘Demon Slayer’: Why Are Demons Afraid Of Wisteria?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the most popular anime in the anime world. Fans love the anime and almost everything associated with it. The fans are always eager to learn something new about the anime and the characters. The demons in particular are something that the fans love knowing about. 

    Fans already know a lot about the demons, like their weaknesses and their strengths. Whilst the fans are aware of the weaknesses, they wish to know the reason behind one of them. Fans wish to know why the demons are afraid of the Wisteria flower. 

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    What Is A Demon?

    Muzan and the upper moons
    Muzan and the upper moons

    ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the most popular anime of all time. The anime centers around the existence of demons and demon slayers. The demons in the series are the main antagonists. A demon is an immortal monstrous being that lives off of human beings. These demons are immortal and cannot be killed by anything except nichirin blades, sunlight, and the Wisteria flowers. 

    A demon feeds on human beings to build its strength. If they are not killed, a demon can live for hundreds of years. The first demon to come into existence was Kibutsuji Muzan. Muzan was turned into a demon accidentally. He was very ill as a human and many doctors tried to cure him. However, one of the medicines given to him cured him, but it worked a little too well and turned him into a demon. 

    Ever since then, Muzan became a demon and he turned other humans into demons as well. A demon’s strength depends on the amount of blood that Muzan has given it. The upper moons of the 12 Kizuki are the demons with the highest concentration of Muzan’s blood. 

    Why Are Demons Afraid Of Wisteria?

    Shinobu mentioning the Wisteria poison
    Shinobu mentioning the Wisteria poison

    The demon king can be killed by three things, as mentioned above, and the Wisteria flowers are one of those things. These flowers proved to be highly effective in the battle against Douma, the upper moon 3. The Wisteria flowers in ‘Demon Slayer’ hinders a demon’s ability. 

    The Wisteria flowers are a little harmful to humans, but they are poison for the demons. A normal dosage of the poison made from the flowers can stop a demon’s regenerative abilities, weaken its blood demon art and hinder its perception. If given the right amount of dosage, it can easily kill a lower moon. However, if more than enough of the poison is given, then it can also take down the upper moons. 

    Shinobu Kocho, before her fight with Douma, ingested so much poison that she became a walking tanker of the Wisteria flower. When Douma consumed her, he consumed over 300 times the regular amount of poison which ultimately killed him. Kibutsuji Muzan, the progenitor of all the demons, is the only person who is somewhat immune to the effects of the flower. This is why the demons in ‘Demon Slayer’ are afraid of the Wisteria flowers. 

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