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    ‘Dragon Ball’: Top 10 Most Powerful Players In ‘Tournament Of Power’

    Dragon Ball‘ has one of the most amazing and action-packed fighting sequences and arcs, if not the best. Each arc has something unique and it leaves an impression in the viewer’s hearts and minds. The arcs themselves are long but they are nowhere near boring or stagnant. This is one of the reasons why ‘Dragon Ball‘ is one of the most popular anime of all time.

    One arc that left a deep and lasting impression in the viewer’s mind is the tournament of power. This particular arc not only showcased the most powerful fighters in universe 7 but in all the universes. Let’s find out the top 10 best fighters in this arc.

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    10) Ultimate Gohan

    Ultimate Gohan

    Ultimate Gohan is Gohan’s strongest transformation by far and his fighting prowess in the tournament of power proved this fact. Gohan, despite not training for a long time, was one of the most powerful players in the tournament. His fighting abilities were almost regained to their previous glory in this arc.

    9) Android 17

    android 17

    From being an antagonist to turning into the most crucial fighter for universe 7, Android 17 gained a lot. He was hard to convince to join the team, but Goku managed to do so. Android 17 shocked everyone with its powers as they grew almost ten times what they were before. In addition to that, he was the last person standing in the ring after Goku, and Frieza and he fought Jiren.

    8) Hit


    Hit was one of those characters who didn’t need to power up and use muscle power alone to defeat his opponents. Hit used a variety of techniques to get his opponents to lose. This made him one of the most formidable and unpredictable players in the tournament. His brilliant poker may have helped with his unpredictability as no one could guess what he was up to.

    7) Frieza

    golden frieza

    Frieza fought for his life in this tournament. He was resurrected for this particular tournament alone to be a part of Universe 7’s team. In a shocking turn of events, the previous major antagonist worked together with Goku and Android 17 to defeat Jiren and save his universe. Frieza’s golden form also made an appearance and viewers were once again reminded why this creature is the most recurring antagonist in the anime.

    6) Kale


    In universe 7, there are no female Saiyans. However, in universe 6 there are two female Saiyans, one of which is Kale. Kale proved that the shyest and quiet ones are the ones to look out for. Kale’s super Saiyan form resembles Broly’s legendary super Saiyan. It has the same green hair along with the loss of control. Kale lost, however, due to her incomplete control over her power.

    5) Kefla


    Kefla is the fusion between Kale and Caulifla, two female super Saiyans of universe 6. Kefla showed the viewers and other contestants that Goku and Vegeta aren’t the only Super Saiyans to look out for. They proved just how mighty the Saiyan bloodline is. They overpowered Super Saiyan Blue Goku and he had to use his ultra instinct to defeat them which proves their strength.

    4) Toppo


    Universe 11 is filled with strong players and one of them is Toppo. Toppo is also a potential candidate for the next god of destruction for his universe, this means that he knows how to handle god-level power. He bates Goku for proposing the tournament and this hate was channeled into his fighting abilities. He nearly killed Frieza and it took Vegeta almost dying to save him.

    3) Vegeta


    Vegeta is known for his egoistic and stubborn nature and in this tournament of power, he put both of them to good use. He saved Frieza from Toppo and defeated him. In addition to that, in complete contrast to his personality, he gave the chance to Goku to defeat Jiren and admitted that he was the better option. In this tournament, Vegeta gains everyone’s respect including other universes and the viewers as well.

    2) Goku

    ultra instinct Goku

    No top 10 list in Dragon Ball is complete without the mention of Son Goku. He is the main reason why universe 7 won the tournament. Goku used both ultra instinct and mastered ultra instinct in this tournament. He, however, lost to Jiren due to his body giving up and him being unable to move. However, he did return to the fight later and helped in defeating Jiren.

    1) Jiren


    Jiren is the strongest player in the tournament of power. He was able to fight MUI Goku at an equal level which is a commendable feat on its own. In addition to that, he was able to maintain his power for longer than Goku and if it wasn’t for Frieza and Android 17’s interference, universe 11 would have won the tournament of power. This is how he was established as the strongest player in the tournament of power.

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