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    ‘Fruits Basket’: Best Couples Who Are Made For Each Other

    We love to ship our favorite characters in anime, or rather it’s second nature for anime lovers. Be it an action series, a school romance, or isekai, we always love to play the role of a cupid. In Fruits Basket apart from our main leads, we find lovable characters who get their own successful ending.

    Starting with Kyo and Tohru, the leads of the series, to Kyoko and Katsuya (the parents of Honda Tohru), we find love distributed among all. Some characters get their fresh new beginning, while some relish the freedom they just received. In this article, we’ll talk about all the couples in the series, whether they were in the spotlight or not.

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    Top 12 Couples In Fruits Basket

    12. Hanajima And Kazuma

    Fruits Basket: Hanajima and Kazuma
    Hanajima and Kazuma

    Hanajima and Kazuma’s couple ship never actually got an ending. Hanajima hinted that she liked Kazuma, maybe because of the mature vibe he gives, but her liking was never reciprocated. 

    Kyo always reacted hilariously at their possible relationship. In the end, Hanajima starts working for Kazuma at his dojo, but the love relationship between them is not shown.

    11. Ren And Akira

    Fruits Basket: Ren and Akira
    Ren and Akira

    Ren is the perfect example of how poisonous a person can be. She even haunted her only child into depression and loss of identity, only to satisfy her own jealousy. 

    Akira was the first reincarnation of the ‘God’. He definitely loved Ren but never showed open reactions to her. This only leads Ren to become obsessive and possessive which in turn he projects onto their child Akito.

    10. Ritsu And Mitsuru

    Fruits Basket: Ritsu and Mitsuru
    Ritsu and Mitsuru

    They are one of the cutest pairings. They both suffer from anxiety disorders so can relate to each other very much. Ritsu’s outfit often led to misunderstandings as to whether he was a boy or a girl. 

    Nevertheless, Mitsuru could care less about his gender. In the final episode, Kagura teased Ritsu about when he plans to propose to her for the wedding. It would have been lovely to see the pairing tie the knot. 

    9. Ayame And Mine

    Fruits Basket: Ayame and Mine
    Ayame and Mine

    Mine knew about Sohma’s curse and she successfully bottled up her feelings until the curse broke. Both Mine and Ayame were happy in each other’s presence and enjoyed every moment of it.  No matter how much they loved each other they could not even hug. 

    It was a relief to see the couple hugging and having their moment after the curse broke. Mine was also an important character in mending Ayame and Yuki’s relationship.

    8. Hatori And Mayuko

    Fruits Basket: Hatori and Mayuko
    Hatori and Mayuko

    Mayuko loved Hatori since the beginning but was never upfront about it. She knew that Hatori loved her friend Kana and always supported them. After Hatori faced the horrible incident and broke up with Kana, she never went up and confessed. Mayuko waited till Hatori got his feelings sorted, and thankfully they got their happy ending.

    7. Hiro And Kisa

    Fruits Basket: Hiro and Kisa
    Hiro and Kisa

    They are the sweetest and the youngest couple in Fruits Basket. Kisa is a sweet, delicate girl who is sensitive toward everyone. To protect her and for her to never get hurt, Hiro became the knight in shining armor. 

    Obviously, they are too young to get into a relationship, but it clearly indicates they’ll start their own story and thankfully be at peace after the curse breaks. 

    6. Kureno And Arisa

    Fruits Basket: Kureno and Arisa
    Kureno and Arisa

    Kureno and Tohru were the only ones who suffered the most in the series due to Akito’s and Shigeru’s schemes. It was nice to finally see him be free and fall in love with a person he connected with, not only because of their demands. 

    Unfortunately, the series didn’t give Kureno and Arisa’s relationship to blossom. It was unlikely to believe they fell in love with each other only at the second meeting. They knew nothing about one another, yet they decided to give their relationship a shot. Though it’s nice to see them happy, maybe their story should have gotten a bit more time.

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    5. Kyoko And Katsuya

    Fruits Basket: Kyoko and Katsuya
    Kyoko and Katsuya

    Despite their little to no appearance in the series, their influence was still felt. Especially Kyoko’s influence on Tohru and her way of living said so much about the couple and their once-happy family life. 

    It was indicated that Kyoko was at first involved with a gang and later turned herself around after meeting Katsuya. They had a huge age gap, but things seemed to have worked out. After Katsuya’s death, Kyoko turned into a mature person to properly take care of Tohru. 

    4. Yuki And Machi

    Fruits Basket: Yuki and Machi
    Yuki and Machi

    Yuki, the second male lead got his happy ending with his schoolmate and current soulmate Machi. Without Machi, Yuki would have never been able to get out of the Sohma’s bindings. He gained his own self and also helped Machi to come out of her shell in the process. 

    Both are understanding towards each other and are always there in their darkness. Moreover, excluding Tohru and her two friends, every other girl in the school idolized Yuki. Machi was the only exception who saw him as a boy and nothing else.

    3. Shigure And Akito

    Fruits Basket: Shigure and Akito
    Shigure and Akito

    Well, props to this couple who made the word ‘toxic relationship’ have its true meaning. But it’s also true that the things Shigure plotted to get Akito were a bit impressive. Both of them are eccentric, twisted, obsessive, and very very obsessive. Shigure claimed that he fell in love the moment Rin conceived Akito. That’s very very suspicious.

    Well, normally one should just run away from a person who spouts this nonsense, but Shigure’s way of ‘claiming’ her was amusing and truly genius. He hurt enough people to call it to stop only after Tohru got seriously hurt because of Akito. Thankfully the toxic cycle ended and these toxic people got together. They are on the top list because I believe they are truly very much ‘made for each other.’

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    2. Rin And Hatsuharu

    Fruits Basket: Rin and Hatsuharu
    Rin and Hatsuharu

    They are one of my favorite couples. Their relationship dynamic was out of the roof, honestly! Hatsuharu was always there to support Rin and help her overcome her trauma. Rin in return tried finding whatever ways she could to free Haru from the Sohma family’s curse. 

    In the process, she got hurt and even risked her whole being. They are one of the best couples in the series. Starting from their exchange to Haru suddenly proposing “Wanna kiss” to Rin, was surprisingly mindblowing. Rin even turned Haru into a better person, than the earlier punk version of himself.

    1. Kyo And Tohru

    Fruits Basket: Kyo and Tohru
    Kyo and Tohru

    Kyo and Tohru the main leads of the series got wishes poured upon them from the very beginning. After all, these two went through, they deserved a sweet and lovely ending. Tohru helped Kyo find meaning in life other than holding a grudge against the Sohma family.

    Kyo’s rude self turned into a gentleman at the end of the series. His character underwent dramatic changes as we saw our cute kitty cat turn into a meek, sweet, and caring boyfriend. In the last episode of the series, it was shown that both got happily married, and had children, and even grandchildren.

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