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    ‘Fruits Basket’: Who Is Ren Sohma? What Relationship Did She Have With Shigure?

    Ren Sohma didn’t have much of a screentime in the series Fruits Basket,’ but its importance cannot be shaken. Her little to no appearance shook the whole plotline, making it clear who is responsible for the cycle of evil. She is the definition of evil, a being who doesn’t know the meaning of love.

    Ren’s influence on the whole Sohma family is not known until later. The Sohma family consists of the twelve zodiacs, excluding the cat. The members of the family are possessed with the spirit of the zodiac, turning their normal life into chaos. A Sohma zodiac doesn’t possess any special powers, except turning into their respective animals when they are hugged by the opposite state, are ill, or are emotionally unstable.

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    Who Is Ren Sohma?

    Ren Sohma and Akito Sohma
    Ren Sohma and Akito Sohma

    Ren Sohma is the mother of the main antagonist of the series Akito Sohma. She is the wife of the former house head Akira. Ren’s obsession with Akira reaches a point where the former mentally tortures her own child. Akira died when Akito was at a younger age. After Akito’s birth, Ren thought all the love she deserved was now being directed to Akito, hence the jealousy.

    Though it’s surreal for a mother to be jealous of her own child, Fruits Basket just shows that, while delving further into madness. Ren is both mentally and physically unstable, and her actions prove this fact further. She is the reason why Akito turned out to be so twisted. The whole cycle of obsessiveness and control came from Ren.

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    What Relationship Did She Have With Shigure?

    Shigure Sohma and Ren Sohma
    Shigure Sohma and Ren Sohma

    It’s funny how Ren claimed to be obsessed with Akira, yet slept with Shigure without much thought. The madness reaches a new level when Akito spends the night with Kureno, and as revenge, Shigure sleeps with Ren. Shigure’s twisted love for Akito is another topic of discussion though. 

    Ren accepts Shigure because she knows that those two are in love but unable to break free from their respective curses. She accepted Shigure only to spite her own daughter. This alone proves how twisted a person can become. Guess she’s not so different from Shigure though. 

    In an episode, Shigure states that he’s been in love with Akito from the moment Ren conceived her. Now how can a sane person sleep with that exact mother who gave birth to the person he so obsessively loves? Well, let’s never try to understand the inner workings of their brain. It’s something we normal people won’t be able to comprehend.

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