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    ‘Naruto’: Why Did Itachi Never Shut His Sharingan Off?

    ‘Naruto’ has given the fans many characters, some are lovable, and some are greatly hated by the viewers. However, be it good or bad, all the characters have left a deep and lasting impression on the viewers. One of these characters is Itachi Uchiha. He is one of the most loved characters not only in ‘Naruto’ but in the anime world. 

    Fans however are curious about Itachi’s Sharingan. Whenever he is seen in the anime, he always has his Sharingan on. They are curious as to why he never turns it off. Read to find out. 

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    Who Is Uchiha Itachi?

    Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi

    Itachi Uchiha is the elder son of Uchiha Fugaku. He is the perpetrator of the Uchiha tragedy in Konoha. He murdered his entire clan including his parents and friends and only spared his younger brother Sasuke. Due to his actions, he was labeled a traitor and had to leave the village. 

    Itachi then joined the Akatsuki, a criminal organization, and was partnered with Kisame. Sasuke, his younger brother, sought to find him for almost all his life to take revenge for his family’s murder. 

    After Itachi died, his true motives were revealed and it came to light that he was helping Konoha and was preventing the Uchiha clan from unleashing the nine-tailed beast. He made some very harsh and difficult sacrifices to save his village and his younger brother, Sasuke

    Why Does He Never Deactivate His Sharingan?

    Itachi and Kisame
    Itachi and Kisame

    It is noticed that almost whenever Itachi is seen in the anime, he always has his Sharingan activated. Fans are curious why that is. 

    Although it is never actually clarified, there are some theories. One reason for him not deactivating his Sharingan is that he was spying on the Akatsuki for Konoha and he wanted to be vigilant to not fall prey to any surprises or wrong intentions by the group.

    Another reason why this might be is that whenever Itachi is seen in ‘Naruto’, it is generally during a tense situation or a situation that is likely to get tense. Due to his deteriorating vision, Itachi has to have his Sharingan turned on to fight, otherwise, he would be fighting blindly. 

    However, that does not mean that Itachi never turns off his Sharingan. During a scene in the manga, Itachi was alone with Kisame and he did not have his Sharingan turned on. This implies that he trusted Kisame enough to believe that he would not attack him. This explains why Itachi never turned his Sharingan off. 

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