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    Old Vs New Upper Moon 6: Who Is More Powerful?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ has some of the best fighting techniques and users in the entirety of the anime world. Fans of the series love these techniques. In addition to these fighting techniques, what fans love the most in this particular series are the characters and specifically the upper moons. 

    The upper moon 6 was recently defeated and was replaced by another demon. Gyutaro and Daki were defeated by Tengen Uzui, and Tanjiro and his group. This makes fans curious as to which of the upper moon 6 is stronger, the older one or the new one. 

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    Who Is The New Upper Moon 6?


    The older upper moon 6 which was Daki and Gyutaro were defeated in the entertainment district arc by Tengen Uzui, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. Uzui lost his arm and got heavily injured in the battle, but he managed to defeat the upper moon 6. Tanjiro and his comrades got injured as well, but nothing was permanent. 

    After Gyutaro and Daki’s defeat, Muzan employed a new upper moon 6. A demon named Kaigaku was given the position. Before becoming a demon, Kaigaku was a demon slayer and was Zenitsu’s senior. He was a user of the thunder breathing style and trained under Jigoro Kuwajima, the same person who trained Zenitsu. During one of his missions, Kaigaku encountered Kokushibo and surrendered immediately to save himself. 

    After that, he got turned into a demon and rose through the ranks. Due to Kaigaku turning into a demon, Kuwajima killed himself out of shame and anger. Kaigaku is very powerful and quite worthy of being the upper moon 6. 

    Who Would Win In A Battle?

    Gyutaro vs Tengen Uzui
    Gyutaro vs Tengen Uzui

    Daki and Gyutaro were the upper moons 6 before their deaths. However, it was Gyutaro who was worthy of being an upper moon as Daki was not nearly as strong as him. On the other hand, Kaigaku has the advantage of knowing a breathing style and being able to utilize it. However, in an all-out battle, it is Gyutaro and Daki who would undoubtedly win. 

    Kaigaku can use a breathing style and he is a very skilled swordsman. Training under the former Thunder Hashira made him quite strong. However, that is not all that is required to defeat Daki and Gyutaro. Daki would mainly be a hindrance in the fight and it is truly a battle between Gyutaro and Kaigaku. 

    Kaigaku was turned into a demon long after Gyutaro. Due to this fact, he is very inexperienced in using his blood demon arts. In addition to that, Gyutaro is stronger than the upper moon 6. Kibutsuji Muzan himself mentioned that if Daki wasn’t holding him back, Gyutaro could’ve become the upper moon 5. This is why Gyutaro and Daki are stronger than the current upper moon 6, Kaigaku. 

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