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    What Does Anbu Mean In ‘Naruto’? Who Is The Strongest Anbu?

    ‘Naruto’ has introduced many new characters and arcs that have made it one of the most popular anime of all time. In addition to its amazing characters, there are many organizations such as the Akatsuki which are quite popular and strong and play a very important role in the plot. Another such organization is the Anbu in Konoha. 

    Many fans are unaware of what exactly this organization is and what is its role. They wish to know more about it. Read to find out what exactly the Anbu is and who is the strongest Anbu. 

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    What Is Anbu?

    Anbu members with their masks on
    Anbu members with their masks on

    Anbu is an organization that is found in every village. This particular organization or group of people is selected by the village head, the Hokage in the case of Konoha. Anbu means special assassination and tactical squad. This particular squad handles all the highest-rated missions and carries out covert operations for their villages. 

    There is no hierarchy in the Anbu. There is only a squad leader called ‘Buntaicho’ and this position is considered very respectful. The shinobis are recruited from a very young age, namely from when they are in the academy and the capable students are handpicked. In Konoha, there is a rule that only 13-year-olds and above can join the Anbu, but Uchiha Itachi was an exception to this rule. 

    In addition to being extremely secretive and capable, the organization protects the identity of its members. All the members are required to wear a mask and use codewords for each other so as not to disclose their true names and faces. This is what Anbu is. 

    Who Is The Strongest Anbu Member?

    Uchiha Itachi, the strongest Anbu member
    Uchiha Itachi, the strongest Anbu member

    Uchiha Itachi, the perpetrator of the Uchiha clan massacre and brother of Uchiha Sasuke, is the strongest Anbu to ever exist. As mentioned above, Itachi is the only Shinobi in Konoha’s history to become an Anbu member at the age of eleven. 

    In addition to being the youngest recruit, Itachi rose to squad leader or ‘Buntaicho’ at the young age of thirteen. Itachi was a very skilled and strong member of the Anbu and was fiercely loyal to his village. 

    He managed to strike fear in the heart of Danzo, a veteran Shinobi despite being a child himself and this proves just how powerful he was. Itachi also managed to massacre his entire clan in one single night. These facts alone prove just how strong Uchiha Itachi was and why he is considered the strongest Anbu member. 

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