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    What Is Planet Namek In ‘Dragon Ball’? Everything You Need To Know

    ‘Dragon Ball’ has proven many times why it is one of the most popular and most watched of all time. There have been many universes and galaxies and planets that were introduced in the series. Each planet, galaxy, and universe was unique in its way and fans are very much mesmerized by them. 

    One of the most popular planets in the entire series is Planet Namek which as the name suggests is home to the Nameks. Despite being so well known among their fans, not much is known about the planet. Read to find out what Planet Namek is and everything there is to know about it. 

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    What Is Planet Namek?

    Planet Namek
    Planet Namek

    As the name suggests, planet Namek is home to the alien race of Nameks. The residents are called Namekians and Dende and Piccolo are a part of this race. Namek is a planet in the trinary star system and has three suns.

    Due to the presence of three suns, there is never night on the planet. Namek was once destroyed by Frieza, after which the Namekians were on earth for one year as refugees and then migrated to a new Namek. 

    They Created The Dragon Balls

    Namekians and the dragon balls
    Namekians and the dragon balls

    The Namek residents have a variety of powers and abilities, one of which is matter creation. They used this ability to create the Dragon Balls. According to legend, some ancient Namekians shaved off parts of the super Dragon Balls to create theirs. The creation of Dragon Balls became associated with the race thereafter. 

    Namek Has A Small Population

    Planet Namek's population
    Planet Namek’s population

    The planet at the start of the Vegeta saga only had 100 Namekians living on it. Frieza destroyed the planet in the year 672. The Namekians who survived the attack then relocated and then rebuilt their population.

    The population however remained very small at only 100. However, this worked in their favor as with such a population every face was known and each casualty hit them hard. 

    Vegeta Revived The Planet


    In the manga, a villain named Moro invades the new Namek to find the Dragon Balls. After this, he drains the planet as well as the Namekians residing there off their energy. This was very devastating as this action nearly turned the previously happy and healthy planet into dust.

    However, Vegeta came and saved the day when he used reverse spirit fission to reverse the action and then gave the energy back to the Namekians. This was a very symbolic move as it brought the planet back to life as well as gave Vegeta the much-needed redemption arc. 

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