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    Which ‘Dragon Ball’ Character Has The Saddest Backstory?

    Dragon Ball‘ has one of the most complex and wonderful characters in the anime world. All of the characters are unique in their own ways. Most of the characters have some very tragic backstories, ranging from the loss of Gohan’s childhood and him witnessing his own father’s death to Vegeta witnessing his planet being destroyed.

    However, the character who has the most tragic backstory in the anime is Future Trunks. Let’s find out who he is and why his backstory is the most tragic. 

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    Who Is Future Trunks?

    Future Trunks
    Future Trunks

    Future Trunks as his name suggests comes from an alternate timeline. He is the son of Vegeta and Bulma and is a Saiyan Hybrid. In his timeline, the Saiyans were killed and there is anarchy on Earth. 

    Future Trunks is very serious and analytical. In his timeline, he was trained by Gohan, and he became extremely powerful and a very gifted swordsman. Appearance-wise, Future Trunks looks like the older Trunks would look. His physique is slim but he is still well-built. He has blue eyes, and his hair is blue/lavender. 

    In complete contrast to his alternate and younger self, Future Trunks is very cautious and serious. This is most likely because he never met his father Vegeta, and thus does not have a personality similar to his father. This is not the case for Trunks and this is a reason why he has almost the same personality as Vegeta. 

    What Is His Backstory?

    Goku black and Zamasu
    Goku black and Zamasu

    As mentioned above, Future Trunks has the most tragic backstory in all of the ‘Dragon Ball’ franchise. In his timeline, the Androids killed his father and all of his companions including Goku. They then established anarchy on Earth. 

    Trunks returned to the past to try and kill the Androids before they murdered everyone. He then returned to save his future after successfully defeating Cell. 

    After ten years, Future Trunks returned to ‘Dragon Ball Super’ to deal with Zamasu and Goku black. Goku and his companions tried hard to defeat Zamasu but were unsuccessful. Zamasu grew to be such a threat that future Zeno had to erase him from existence.

    Even after this, Future Trunk could not live in his timeline, he had to shift to a different timeline where there was another Trunks. He lost everything, his home, his planet, and even his own time. This is what he has the most tragic backstory in all of ‘Dragon Ball’. 

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